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May 28, 2019
Edward Smith

Blown Tire Car Accident

Tire maintenance is an essential part of owning a car. In addition to providing a cushion to the wheels of the vehicle, proper tire maintenance can prevent car accidents from happening. Some of the essential functions of tires include:

  • The treads on the tires grip the road, helping the car to stay grounded when going around a curve.
  • The treads of the tires also filter out water and prevent the car from hydroplaning on wet pavement.
  • Tire treads also help the car stop quickly if the road conditions change.

For tires to function correctly, they also need to be properly inflated. If the tires aren’t properly cared for, they might blow. This could lead to a major auto accident.

A Tear Could Lead to a Blown Tire

A blown tire takes place when the air rapidly escapes from the rubber casing, causing it to fail. This could take place if a puncture wound or a tear occurs in the surface of the tire. There are two ways that this might happen:

Small Puncture: A small puncture causes the tire to leak over time. As the air leaves the tire, the rubber walls of the tire will lose support. Eventually, there isn’t enough air inside of the tire to support the frame, and the tire explodes.

Large Tear: If a large cut occurs on the tire surface, this could cause a lot of air to leak at once. This rapid air exodus destroys the frame of the tire, causing it to blow.

However, this isn’t the only way that a blown tire could occur.

Overloading the Vehicle Could Cause a Tire to Blow

The tires have to support not only the wheels but also the entire body of the car. Tires can only support so much weight. If the vehicle is too heavy, this could overload the tires, which cannot hold the added stress. As a result, the frame of the tires will collapse, causing them to blow.

If a tire blows while the car is in motion, the driver will lose control of the vehicle. This could result in a severe accident, potentially leading to traumatic injuries or even wrongful death.

Watch YouTube Video: Basic Car Care & Maintenance: Checking Car Tire Tread Wear. In this video, car expert Jeff Wong provides basic tips on how to check your car tire tread wear.

Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer

Following a serious motor vehicle accident, families should seek medical care as quickly as possible. After this, families should meet with a car accident lawyer in Sacramento. A licensed injury lawyer can help families review the accident, assess their options, and pursue damages related to the accident and their injuries. This could provide significant help to families who are trying to recover. They do not have to face this situation alone. Seek advice from an experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer today.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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