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February 06, 2023
Edward Smith

Fatality Reported in Highway 101 Multiple-Vehicle Accident

A multiple-vehicle accident involving a big rig in San Jose on February 1 caused fatal injuries to one man. The accident happened around 5:55 a.m. along Highway 101, close to Story Road. Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) determined a driver in a Toyota was going around 65 mph in the number one lane when his vehicle was rear-ended by a Honda. The Toyota rear-ended another Toyota, causing the driver to lose control and hit a Freightliner tractor-trailer. 

One Man Dies and Another Driver Injured in Multiple-Vehicle Accident

The Gilroy man, age 39, whose vehicle was initially struck, sustained fatal trauma and died. The other Toyota driver sustained moderate trauma and was transported to San Jose Regional Medical Center. Three lanes of Highway 101 were closed down as an investigation into the cause of the crash was conducted and remained shut for around an hour. CHP officers reported that neither alcohol nor drugs appeared to factor into the accident.

Liability in an Accident Involving a Big Rig

In some cases, a truck driver or the company that employs them may cause a serious multiple-vehicle accident with injuries or fatalities. When this happens, either the driver or company or both may be held financially liable. Big rig accidents are complicated because the crash may involve negligence by multiple parties. 

For example, the driver may have had previous accidents or citations. The driver may have also violated state and federal regulations on hours of service or rest breaks. However, the main reason for big rig accidents is brake failure, which causes around 40 percent of all collisions of this type. 

Recovery of Damages

Whether you have suffered an injury or have lost a loved one in a multiple-vehicle accident caused by a big rig, you may be able to recover compensation. Those who are injured can usually recover the following:

  • Medical costs associated with your injury can be recovered from the ambulance fee and hospital expenses to your rehabilitation.
  • Wages you lost from being unable to work can be recovered. If you go back to work and have to take a job that pays less, the difference in salaries is recoverable. If you become permanently disabled, your salary until retirement age as well as your other job benefits is recoverable.
  • You can recover compensation for pain and suffering, both physical, emotional and psychological.

If your loved one dies in an accident, the immediate family may recover the following by filing a wrongful death claim:

  • End-of-life expenses such as the funeral and burial
  • Wages the deceased would have earned until retirement, including benefits
  • Loss of consortium
  • Compensation for the family’s children for their loss of a parent
  • Loss of household assistance

California Truck Accident Lawyer 

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