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January 03, 2023
Edward Smith

Jackknife Accident Backs Up Traffic For Hours

A big rig jackknife accident in Oakland on December 30 blocked all of the northbound lanes along I-880, which left drivers just sitting for hours. The accident happened around 2:00 a.m., and the big rig flipped from the jackknife, also striking another vehicle. The collision backed up traffic as far as the Oakland Coliseum for hours. 

Television Meteorologist Reports Accident From the Scene

A meteorologist with KTVU, Roberta Gonzales, was headed to work at the time, and the accident occurred in front of her. She was reporting live at the accident scene as rain continued to pour down at around 6:30 a.m. where she had already been stuck in traffic for around four hours. She reported that the big rig was in the fast lane and attempting to move over but a vehicle was there, and the semi hit it, totaling the car. She estimated her vehicle was moving around 62 mph, and the big rig flew past her on the rain-slicked roads.

Truck Driver Injured in Jackknife Accident

The meteorologist reported that when the big rig experienced jackknifing and overturned, big pieces of metal flew toward her own vehicle and nearly led to another accident. She exited her vehicle and ran to the driver of the big rig, describing him as confused and dazed with a bloody knee. Emergency crews arrived to extricate the driver from his rig. The northbound lanes reopened around 7:00 a.m.

Causes of Big Rig Jackknife Accidents

A big rig jackknife accident is caused by various factors and one of the most dangerous trucking accidents on the roadway. Commonly, these types of crashes occur when the driver applies brakes too quickly or too forcefully, causing the trailer to swing out and the truck to fold in on itself, which can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Other causes may include:

  • Poor vehicle maintenance – If tires are not correctly inflated or brakes are not maintained regularly, it can increase the risk of jackknifing.
  • Unbalanced cargo loading – Weight should be evenly distributed throughout the trailer; an imbalance can cause unforeseeable instability due to changes in speed or direction while driving.
  • Speeding – Going too fast for road conditions increases the likelihood of jackknifing because it gives drivers less time to react to unexpected changes in the road.
  • Poor weather conditions – Wet and icy roads reduce traction and make it more difficult for drivers to maintain control of their vehicles.
  • Driver fatigue – Tiredness can lead to impaired judgment, slower reaction times and decreased awareness of dangerous driving situations.

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