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May 04, 2024
Edward Smith

I-5 Big Rig Injury Accident Occurs Near Twin Cities Road

A big rig injury accident occurred on May 2 in a collision south of Franklin involving at least three vehicles. The accident happened north of Twin Cities Road before 4:30 p.m. The tractor-trailer exited the overpass and split into two, the cabin and upper portion of the trailer ending up in a ditch partially filled with water.

Big Rig Injury Accident Backs Up Traffic to Elk Grove

According to dispatchers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the big rig was carrying a load of wood chips used as animal bedding, which ended up in the water or on the bank. Two people reportedly suffered major injuries. Interstate 5 was backed up to Elk Grove, and the roadway shut down as the scene was cleared. The CHP traffic accident unit is in the process of investigating the crash to determine liability and how the collision happened. 

How a Big Rig Causes a Collision

Big rigs and other large commercial vehicles can initiate rear-end crashes due to several reasons. First, their significant size and weight extend the distance required to stop compared to smaller passenger vehicles. Rear-end collision causes include:

  • Disobeying traffic laws such as speeding and distracted driving can lead a big rig to collide with the vehicle ahead.
  • Worn brakes significantly heighten the risk of rear-end collisions as they increase the stopping distance for a truck, leading to an accident if the truck cannot decelerate in time.
  • The presence of blind spots around the truck may obscure the driver’s view of vehicles driving too close, potentially resulting in a rear-end collision if the truck driver fails to react in time.
  • A higher center of gravity makes big rigs more prone to rollover during sudden stops or sharp turns. This could result in the truck driver losing control and causing a rear-end accident.

How a Lawyer Can Support Your Injury Claim

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney becomes critical if a big rig has injured you. Your lawyer will proactively collect the necessary evidence to back your big rig injury accident claim, employing several strategies:

  • Securing police reports
  • Conducting witness interviews
  • Accessing medical records
  • Gathering photos and surveillance videos
  • Obtaining maintenance records

Using Gathered Evidence to Build a Strong Case

Your attorney will leverage this evidence to construct a compelling case for your injury claim, helping you receive the compensation you deserve. Opting for an experienced personal injury lawyer with a track record in big rig accident cases is crucial. They will bring their extensive resources and knowledge to advocate for your rights effectively. If a big rig injury accident harms you, securing an experienced lawyer swiftly is vital. They will streamline the evidence collection process for your claim and champion the fight for your rightful compensation.

Edward Smith, injury attorney, believes certain qualities are essential when seeking representation for accidents and offers tips for choosing one in the video below:


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