Big-Rig Crash in Auburn Sends One to Hospital

Big-Rig Accident in Auburn Sends One to Hospital

One person was sent to the hospital after a big-rig crash in Auburn on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that the incident happened in the afternoon and involved a big-rig and passenger vehicle. According to reports, the injured individual’s condition was not life-threatening, and the accident is still being investigated by CHP.

Crash Information

The accident happened on the westbound side of Highway Interstate 80 at the Highway 49 junction. According to CHP information officer David Martinez, a Toyota Tundra was merging onto I-80 off of 49 when the vehicle spun out. After spinning out, the Toyota crossed over all westbound traffic lanes and struck the center divider. The Toyota bounced off of the divider and continued to spin into the center lane, where it collided with a big rig. The big rig overturned onto its side as a result of the crash. Additionally, CHP reported that the big-rig driver made a collision avoidance maneuver before the collision.

Responders arriving at the area discovered the Toyota driver with major injuries and had them placed on an ambulance and driven to the Sutter Roseville hospital for treatment. Specific details of the individual’s injuries were not reported. According to police, the truck driver did not suffer any injuries.


The highway was partially shut off to traffic, and vehicles were diverted away from center lines until around 4:16 p.m., at which time all lanes were officially reopened. Police indicated that the trailer of the truck was relocated to the Nevada Street exit.

While the highway was closed, police investigated the scene for evidence that could help them understand what causal factors were involved. However, investigators haven’t reported any likely causes at this time. Frequently, collisions between large trucks and passenger vehicles involve more than one cause and these causes can be non-driver factors such as defective auto products and dangerously damaged highway pavement.

It’s Important to Take Quick Action After a Truck Accident

Big-rigs are usually owned and operated by large companies with many different transport vehicles. Because they constantly have trucks on the road, trucking companies tend to think of accidents as a normal risk of running their business and are prepared to begin building a legal defense right away, making it especially difficult for injured parties to obtain fair compensation for their damages through personal injury claims.

Because trucking companies build such a fast and aggressive defense, it’s important that accident survivors contact an attorney as soon as possible. If your Auburn truck accident lawyer can get to work right away, they’ll be more able to defend your right to claiming fair compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and other damages.

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