Big Rig Accident Near Woodland Caused by High Winds 

High Winds Almost Topple Big Rig Off I-5 Yolo Bypass

A severe thunderstorm on January 10 caused a big rig accident due to high winds. The accident, which resulted in several injuries, occurred after 3:30 a.m. along I-5 at the Yolo Bypass when 50 mph winds and a thunderstorm were moving through the area. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that part of the big rig’s trailer was left hanging over the side of the bridge. 

High Wind Warning Had Been Recently Released

Two people were inside the semi and managed to crawl out on their own following the big rig accident and called 911 for help. One of those inside the big rig said they were afraid the winds would push the rest of the vehicle off the bridge. A high wind warning had been released for the bypass around 15 minutes before the accident occurred.

Traffic Diverted and Backed up for Hours

Both people in the big rig were transported to a hospital with reported injuries. Traffic was backed up for hours, and the interstate reopened around 7:00 a.m. following the removal of the tractor-trailer. Due to the accident, motorists were encouraged to bypass the interstate and travel on Highway 113.

An Investigation of Tractor-Trailer Collisions

Tractor-trailer collisions can be investigated by a lawyer to determine the cause. A party injured in an accident may recover damages if the collision was caused by negligence. For the injured party to file a claim, a traffic accident must be investigated. It is important to gather evidence in order to prove who caused the big rig accident and who was negligent. When an accident lawyer gets a call about the incident, an investigator will be dispatched immediately to the scene:

  • Police reports are reviewed to ensure that there are no errors or missing information.
  • In accident reconstruction, the cause of a tractor-trailer collision can be determined, and the responsible party can be identified.
  • The electronic logging device on the big rig is checked to determine if the driver complied with federal and state regulations.
  • The vehicle is examined for wear, and maintenance records are checked.
  • Interviews with witnesses are conducted. As the collision happened, some witnesses recorded it on their cell phones or dashcams.
  • The digital feed of traffic surveillance cameras is checked to see if the big rig accident was captured. Subpoenas can be issued for the film if it was.

A Case Is Built to Support the Client’s Compensation Claim. 

When the evidence in the crash has been compiled, our accident attorneys compile it into a strong case to support our client’s injury claim. In this way, they can recover compensation for all of the medical expenses that arose as a result of the big rig accident, including those that continue into the future if the injury hasn’t resolved, as well as the wages they have lost and pain and suffering. 

Woodland Truck Accident Lawyer

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