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June 30, 2015
Edward Smith

A 62-year-old Woodland man was killed in a big rig accident near West Sacramento and Woodland. On early Monday Morning, at about 6:40am, a Pontiac Grand Prix was driving westbound on Highway 16, just south of County Road 93. For unknown reasons, the Grand Prix drifted out of its lane and side-swiped a big rig travelling eastbound. The big rig was hauling two trailers.

The impact caused the big rig to lose control. As the driver of the big rig tried to regain control of the truck, it was hit by a Honda Accord. After that, the big rig swerved into the westbound lane of oncoming traffic, colliding with Ford F-150. The 62 year old driver of the F-150 died on impact. According to the CHP, the big rig and the F-150 were then propelled left off the north side of the road.

The big rig overturned, and the Ford came to a stop up against the pole. The sheer force of impact with a power pole sheered it off at its base. The two other vehicles cars came to a stop on the other side of the road, heading south.

All three surviving drivers were hospitalized with moderate to major injuries.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation. It is unknown where the drivers originated their travels, or how long they had been on the road. Fatigue can play a role in many accidents. Although little is now known about crash, there are many regulations governing the operators of big rigs, regarding the number of hours they work, the acceptable use, quantity and quality of prescription drugs, medications and substances they are allowed to use, partake of or imbibe. There are maximum driving time limits for property-carrying vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles.

Generally, a driver of a commercial vehicle may drive during a period of more than 14 consecutive hours following 10 hours of off duty. A driver may only drive a total of 11 hours during that 14 hour period. There are also limitations on the number of hours a driver can work in any consecutive 7 day or 8 day period. (49 CFR 395.3) The penalties for violation of hours of service rules can vary from monetary fines, suspension of licenses, criminal and civil penalties. Evidence that a driver violated an hours of service limitation might also be evidence of negligence in a civil action.

In every case involving a trucking accident, insurance company investigators for the owners of the big rigs have teams that go out to the scene immediately to portray the evidence in the best light favorable to their insured. As a result, it is vitally important for victims or their families to have someone in their corner immediately on these cases as well, before evidence evaporates, disappears or is even destroyed. Evidence at a crash site may have a short life span due to various natural factors, including wind, rain, snow and heat. A prompt and thorough analysis of the evidence left behind at a crash scene can help ultimately determine what happened and who, if anyone, was at fault in the collision.

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