Big Rig Accident in Vallejo Causes a Fatality After a Jackknife

Highway 37 Fatal Accident Caused by Jackknifed Big Rig

A big rig accident involving another vehicle caused the death of one man in Vallejo recently when the semi-driver lost control. The accident happened, according to Kevin Brown, a firefighter, and spokesperson for the Vallejo Fire Department, along Highway 37 around 11:30 in the morning as the Freightliner was going west along the roadway near Mare Island. At this point, the truck driver came across traffic that was moving slower, and the big rig jackknifed

Pickup Driver Dies in Big Rig Accident

As paramedics arrived, they discovered the driver of the pickup in a life-threatening condition, and he ultimately died from his injuries. The Solano County Coroner’s Office identified the deceased man as 30-year-old Miguel Condelle of Bakersfield.

Freightliner Thrown Into Opposing Lane in Out-of-Control Big Rig Accident

The big rig struck the center guardrail, which threw it into a traffic lane going eastbound. Another vehicle, a Dodge pickup, was headed eastbound when it crashed with the Freightliner. Because of the big rig’s momentum, the pickup truck sustained catastrophic damage. 

Passenger Vehicles and Large Trucks

A passenger vehicle is no match for a big rig out of control despite obeying traffic rules. That is due to the weight, size and speed of the semi as compared to the smaller car or light truck. Catastrophic injuries and death can follow when the truck hits the passenger vehicle in a big rig accident. 

Losing a Loved One in a Big Rig Accident

Learning that your loved one was killed in a big rig accident is one of the hardest things a family can endure. They ask how this sort of thing could happen, and they want to find out who was at fault for such a horrible outcome. The anger and disbelief is soon followed by unfathomable grief and sorrow that often paralyzes and makes it difficult to face the world without their loved one. Unfortunately, many decisions need to be made.

Looking at the Accident 

As funeral and burial arrangements are being made, investigations by police and others, including the trucking company, are underway. The family needs to be part of this, but they cannot. That is where an experienced truck accident law firm can help. They can send investigators to the crash scene, interview witnesses, and examine truck logs. This latter action is essential since worn brakes or an inexperienced or previously sanctioned truck driver can be responsible for a big rig accident of this type. The trucking company has a lot to lose when an accident occurs, and paying considerable sums to a grieving family is not something they want to do.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A family consumed by grief rarely thinks about filing a wrongful death lawsuit. However, as time passes, the economic reality without the support their loved one provided is challenging. A wrongful death lawsuit can provide the following:

  • Funeral and burial payments can be recovered.
  • The lawsuit can replace the wages, retirement benefits and other job-related perks the deceased would have received until they retired.
  • The lawsuit can recoup the loss of the support, guidance and training the decedent would have given children in the family.
  • The decedent’s spouse can also file a claim for loss of consortium.
  • The cost of hiring outside help to do the household tasks the decedent usually did around the house is recoverable.

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