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Bicyclist Injury Occurs in Sacramento Hit-and-Run Accident

Diablo Drive Site of Hit-and-Run Bicyclist Injury

A bicyclist injury occurred in a hit-and-run accident in Sacramento on July 29. The incident occurred around 5:00 in the afternoon along Diablo Drive between Roseville Road and Andrea Boulevard in the Foothill Farms area. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the driver was believed to be in a Toyota Sienna.

Hit-and-Run Driver Located After Bicyclist Injury

A bystander reported that they were blocking the suspect vehicle on Andrea Boulevard. The extent of the injuries to the bicycle rider was not detailed. The bicyclist injury accident is being investigated by the CHP to determine how it happened. 

Hit-and-Run Bicyclist Injury Accidents

Hit-and-runs are becoming more common in California despite heavy penalties. It stands to reason that the need to flee sometimes outdistances the prospect of doing jail time or paying heavy fines as well as losing driving privileges. Here are a few of the frequent reasons a driver flees from the scene of the crash:

  • The driver panics and runs. Many times, after they have had a chance to think about it, they return to the scene or go to the police station.
  • The driver may have warrants against them and be afraid of being apprehended.
  • A driver may also be impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • The driver may lack auto insurance.

Who Pays for the Damages if There Is a Hit-and-Run Driver?

This is a common question and rightly so. Although some fleeing drivers are not located, many others are. If the driver flees and is not apprehended, there are other ways to obtain compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

In California, all drivers are offered an add-on to their auto insurance policy called uninsured/underinsured driver protection. With the number of drivers in the state who lack auto insurance, it is wise to take this option. However, some drivers do not. In cases where this policy is not available, drivers can use that of a family member. Whether it is your policy or that of a family member, there is no increase in the premium when it is used.

Bicyclist Injuries

Due to a total lack of protection in an accident, bicyclist injuries can be catastrophic. Some of the most common types of injuries are:

  • Traumatic brain injury: This type of injury can range from a mild concussion to serious damage to the brain. Even a concussion can cause symptoms that persist for up to a year. Injuries that cause pressure on the brain or bleeding can result in lifelong disability or death. The use of a helmet reduces the risk of a traumatic brain injury.
  • Amputation: When a part of the body is amputated due to a cyclist accident, long-term rehabilitation may be necessary.
  • Facial injury: Bicycle accidents result in fractures of the bony structures of the face or injury to the dentition. Since dental reconstruction may be seen as cosmetic, insurance may not pay for it. A seasoned lawyer will be able to negotiate for dental repair.
  • Fractures: Broken bones are common and range from simple fractures to more complicated ones. Some require extensive surgery and rehabilitation.

Investigation of a Bicycle Accident

Our experienced investigators collect evidence from the bicycle injury site to support your claim for compensation. They search for road and traffic cameras that might have caught the collision on tape and perform accident reconstruction. Also, they interview any witnesses and check to see if the police report is accurate. Once compiled, our lawyers use it to negotiate with the insurance company on the client’s behalf or to prepare a court case.

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