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Bicycling Improvement in Stockton

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December 26, 2017
Edward Smith

Bicycling Improvement in Stockton

Bicycle Safety in Stockton

From the point of view of many local cyclists, Stockton has been riding on a stationary bike for the last decade, pedaling hard but ultimately going nowhere.

A Plan in Limbo

A decade has passed since the Stockton City Council approved a new “Bicycle Master Plan” meant to make riding a bicycle on Stockton roads easier and safer.

However, even city officials admit that little has been accomplished during the 10 years due to issues with a lack of project funding. As 2017 nears its conclusion, many believe that the city’s bicycle infrastructure still needs drastic improvement to avoid accidents and subsequent traumatic injuries.

A New Development

In early December, the City Council approved a new plan. The new bicycle infrastructure plan spans 157 pages and aims to enhance the city’s connectivity while dramatically improving the safety of those who travel by bike instead of in automobiles.

Finding Funding

Securing the funds to complete the project, which seeks to enhance or create 189 total miles of Stockton bike lanes, will be the most significant challenge to the project. However, the city has seen increased success rates over the last three years with getting the critical grants it needs to complete projects.

Officials have acknowledged that the 67 projects included in the new plan would take years to finish and are estimated to cost around $309 million if wholly constructed. State, regional, and federal grant money will be sought for the projects. Additionally, funds from the measure K sales tax will be diverted to the project.

Why the New Plan is Needed

The new plan was put forth partly because the designs of the old plan were outdated. Locals have also said that bike infrastructure is necessary to protect cyclists in areas heavily trafficked by passenger vehicles, trucks, and motorcyclists.

The project will focus on adding lanes, increasing city connectivity, enhancing cyclist safety by avoiding severe injury collisions, adding trails and off-street bike paths, slowing traffic speeds near heavily used bike lanes, and increasing separation between cyclists and traffic.

Highest Priority Improvements

The project’s highest priority improvement areas are:

  • Pacific Avenue from Harding Way to Sacramento Road
  • Airport Way/West Lane corridor from Stockton Airport to Eight Mile Road
  • California Street from Alpine Avenue to Kirk Street
  • Alpine Avenue from Wilson Way to Kirk Street
  • The West Side Bikeway

Bicycle Injuries

In an accident, bicycle riders are particularly vulnerable for various reasons. Some of the injuries that cyclists suffer are more common than others. A few common bicycle accident injuries include fractured legs, hands, and clavicle; injuries to the brain, injuries to the head and neck areas, nerve damage, and even paralysis.

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