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October 24, 2019
Edward Smith

Bicyclist Severely Injured in Accident

A bicycle rider suffered serious injuries when she was struck by an SUV on October 22 at the intersection in front of Land Park. Officers with the Sacramento Police Department responded to the call of an injured bicycle rider around 7:40 in the morning along Sutterville Road and Mead Road. The rider was reported to be a 12-year-old female who was transported to UC Davis Medical Center for further evaluation and treatment. The juvenile is listed in stable but critical condition. The driver of the SUV, a 17-year-old, remained at the scene of the accident and was cooperating with the investigators.

Accident Investigation 

The investigation unit for major collisions arrived at the scene because of the severe injuries suffered by the bicycle rider, according to Officer Karl Chan. Several hours later, Sutterville Road remained closed between South Land Park and Freeport Boulevard as the investigation into the bicycle rider accident continued.

Reasons Bicycle Rider Accidents Happen

There are a variety of reasons bicycle accidents occur. Let’s look at some of the more common causes for a bicycle rider accident:

  • Dooring: In urban areas that have a high traffic flow and allow street-side parking, bicyclists often must ride close to the vehicles. Motorists are obligated to check to see if a bicycle or another vehicle is approaching. When a driver opens his or her car door without checking, the cyclist can ride into it. This is called a dooring accident and often results in serious injuries.
  • Hit from behind accidents: A motorist who rear-ends a bicycle can cause traumatic injuries to the cyclist. This is due to either following too closely or when a cyclist moves into their lane. Because of the large difference between a car and bicycle in terms of protection, weight, and size, it is usually the cyclist who is injured. 
  • Sideswiping accidents: Many times, a motorist does not maintain a sufficient distance between their vehicle and a bicycle, despite a California law that imposes a three-foot distance between the two. Drivers need to remember that cyclists have the same protections on the road that they have.
  • Left-hand turns: At a busy intersection, a motorist has many things on their mind. Due to preoccupation with other motor vehicles, they often do not see a cyclist. This is said to happen because the motorist does not expect the cyclist to be there. However, this is an excuse a prudent driver would not make.
  • Right turn accidents: Drivers who are making a right turn at an intersection are obligated to make sure that no one is proceeding down the road on their right-hand side. If a motorist’s blind spot, which almost every vehicle has, prevents him or her from seeing if a cyclist is there, they need to check more thoroughly before turning.
  • Speeding: Motorists who are speeding risk hitting a cyclist since the time they have to react is decreased. It is important to maintain the speed limit to prevent this loss of control.
  • Drunk driving: Motorists who are impaired are less able to judge distance and make prudent decisions. 

What an Attorney Can Do for You

Being in a bicycle accident can have serious consequences. At our firm, we believe that no one should pay for another’s mistakes. To unearth evidence against a negligent motorist, we dispatch our investigative team to the accident scene. They interview witnesses, scour the area for evidence, review police reports for mistakes and obtain video footage of the accident. Once this information is accumulated, we release it to our legal team who use it to build a strong case against the at-fault party. 

Sacramento Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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