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Bicycle Accident Reported in Carmichael Intersection

Carmichael Intersection Site of Bicycle Accident

A bicycle accident involving a passenger vehicle was reported in Carmichael on August 17. According to the police report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the collision occurred around 7:42 in the morning on Marconi and Randolph avenues and involved a Kia Optima. The right-hand lane of Marconi Avenue was blocked by the collision. No data was released on whether the bicyclist was injured in the collision. Investigators with the CHP will determine how the bicycle accident happened and who was at fault.

Negligent Drivers Often Cause a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle riders are vulnerable to injuries in any type of collision. However, being struck by a negligent driver can cause severe injuries or even be fatal. Some of the most common reasons for a bicycle accident that is caused by a motor vehicle are:

  • Drivers turning right are a common cause of a bicycle accident. In some cases, they swing into the bike lane to make a turn too soon. In others, they don’t look in their blind spot to see a bicycle rider coming up on the right. An additional way a right-turn bicycle collision occurs is if the rider is in the crosswalk.
  • Dooring accidents occur to both bicyclists and motorcycle riders. They occur when a driver or passenger in a vehicle parked along the curb opens their car door without checking first for another motorist, bicyclist or motorcyclist in their path.
  • Alleys and driveways are other common locations where a driver will either pull out or back out without checking for someone on a bicycle.
  • Intersections are dangerous places for bicycle riders and result in many accidents. A driver who is speeding, runs a red light, or is distracted can crash into a rider, causing a serious bicycle accident.
  • Rear-end collisions happen often at stop signs when a motorist is either not paying sufficient attention or is tailgating the rider.
  • Sideswipes occur when a driver ignores California’s three-feet distant law and gets too close to the bicycle rider. This gives the rider no ability to maneuver out of the way before being struck.

Bicycle Accident Investigations

When someone is injured by a motorist in a bicycle accident, an investigation has to be performed to collect the evidence needed to place a compensation claim. By placing a claim, the injured rider can recover the cost of their medical expenses, their lost wages and obtain damages for their pain and suffering. Our investigators go to the accident site and:

  • They examine the police report to ensure its accuracy because errors could prevent the client from placing a claim or recovering compensation.
  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction that details how the bicycle collision happened and often points toward who was at fault.
  • Witnesses of the crash are interviewed. In some cases, a witness captured the accident on film as it happened.
  • The investigators examine video footage from nearby traffic and other surveillance cameras. If a camera caught the bicycle accident on film, it could be subpoenaed to help provide proof of how the collision occurred.

When the evidence is gathered, our team of injury attorneys use it to construct a robust case that supports our client’s claim.

Carmichael Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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