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Best Ways to Make Your Pool Party Memorable

Ideas to Make Your Next Pool Party a Splash

A pool party is the perfect gathering to celebrate a birthday, a holiday, or just an excuse to get together. You can eat delicious snacks, play water games, and hang out with family and friends. But before you take the plunge, make sure you have everything you need for a memorable party. Below are some ideas to help you make a splash at your next poolside festivity.

Send Fun Invitations

Whether your pool party has a theme, make sure you send out a fun and vibrant invitation to your guests. Don’t forget to include any items they should bring, like a swimsuit, floaty, or towel.

Go All Out With Decorations 

If you have a theme, go big with decorations as long as it is within your budget. A great party is all about the ambiance. Adding lights, palm trees, and tiki torches can help set the mood and transform your ordinary backyard into a tropical oasis.

Add Fun Pool Floats 

An epic pool party would not be complete without impressive floats. Your guests will love lounging on classic flamingo, unicorn, pizza, and ice cream popsicle floats.

Provide Refreshing Cocktails 

Since the sun will be scorching and your guests will spend many hours in the heat, ensure your poolside bash is fully stocked with refreshing beverages. Set up a cool tiki bar with various tasty cocktails. If you anticipate that your guests will spend more time in the pool and may not want to get out for refreshments, some coolers actually float in the water so they can grab a drink without ever getting off their floaty.

Have Some Tasty Snacks Available

Having a balanced spread of party food is ideal for satisfying your guests. Provide fruits, veggie sticks, chips, dip, pretzels, mini crescent dogs, or finger food.

Whip Up a Delicious Meal 

Fire up the grill and treat your guests to a delicious barbeque. Hamburgers and hot dogs are inexpensive and are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Sliders or fruit and veggie skewers are also pool party favorites.

Set the Tone of the Party

A pool party is not complete without a music playlist. You can amp up the entertainment with waterproof wireless speakers, allowing you to take your tunes into the pool. Set up surround sound with several speakers in different areas, so the music will be heard whether your guests are swimming, grabbing food, or playing games.

Have Extral Towels Handy  

Many guests will bring their own towels, but it is good to have extra ones handy. People will go in and out of the pool and want to dry off, especially if they need to go inside the house. Stack up some towels and put them in a spot where everyone can see them.

Provide Umbrellas and Lounge Chairs  

Although it is a pool party, some people may prefer to avoid the water altogether. Ensure there’s plenty of shade for those who like to chill out. If your guests want to work on their tan, having a few lounge chairs around the pool is ideal. Those who spend a long time in the pool will appreciate taking a break to relax.

Create a Sunscreen Station

Even if your guests lather up before jumping into the pool, swimming and sweating will wash it off. Experts recommend reapplying sunscreen every two hours when outdoors to prevent skin cancer. Put a few different bottles of sunscreen on a nearby table. Be sure the sunblock is SPF 25 or higher for the best protection.

Have Some Pool Party Games  

Your pool party will be a blast with food, drinks, and music, but you can take it up a notch by preparing some fun games. Water game activities are guaranteed to liven up any pool party. Poolside beach balls, basketball, and mini pool balls are all crowd favorites.

Watch YouTube Video: 33 Ideas for a Pool Party with Your Friend. The video below provides some fun 5-minute craft ideas for your pool party.

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