Berkeley Pedestrian Accident Seriously Injures Woman

Accident on Telegraph Road Occurs When Van Strikes Woman in Crosswalk

A pedestrian accident in Berkeley on July 25 resulted in critical injuries to a woman after she was struck in a crosswalk. The injured woman, reportedly in her 50s, was crossing Telegraph Road at the intersection of Derby Street around 4:50 in the afternoon when the driver, who made a turn from Derby onto Telegraph, struck her. The Berkeley Police Department called its Fatal Accident Investigation Team to handle evidence gathering into the crash, which deals with deadly and serious collisions. 

Berkeley Police Investigating Pedestrian Accident

The area where the pedestrian accident occurred was shut down as the investigation was conducted. Transit buses that normally took that route were diverted. No update has been provided yet on the condition of the woman who was struck.

Causes of a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians are vulnerable to severe injuries when involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. Although people who are on foot are expected to use caution such as looking for oncoming traffic and avoiding distractions, they can’t always be aware when a negligent driver is about to hit them. Crosswalks are supposed to provide an area of safe passage for pedestrians, but this isn’t always true. When a pedestrian injury occurs, the injured party may wish to consult with an accident attorney, who can determine what party/parties may be liable. 

Negligence by a Government Entity in a Pedestrian Accident

In some cases that involve a pedestrian accident, the government entity charged with the design and maintenance of an intersection may be at fault. Crosswalks where a number of accidents have occurred that involve pedestrians may be defective in some way or improperly maintained. For example, mistimed crossing lights, improper lighting and having a street that is too broad for the pedestrian to cross safely can result in dangers that don’t have to exist with careful planning and alterations. 

When a government entity has been responsible for a pedestrian accident or design/maintenance was a contributing factor in the collision, they may be held responsible financially. Claims placed against a government entity have a much shorter statute of limitations, however, waiting too long means the injured party will not be able to sue. The statute of limitations is six months instead of the usual two years for most personal injuries. By getting assistance from an accident attorney, you can ensure the paperwork will be filed in a timely manner. 

Negligence by Motorists in a Pedestrian Accident

Drivers are responsible for many pedestrian accident injuries, and most of those collisions are caused by negligence, including:

  • A speeding driver can’t slow in time to avoid an accident at an intersection.
  • Distracted driving, such as texting, leads to accidents.
  • A drunk driver is responsible for many accident injuries.
  • Fatigued driving can be as dangerous as being inebriated.
  • Running a red light is a common cause of a collision with a pedestrian.
  • Making a risky right or left turn causes many injuries to pedestrians and bicycle riders.

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