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Baby Powder Recall Issued by Johnson & Johnson

Baby Powder Recall Issued by Johnson & Johnson

Recently, the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced they were issuing a voluntary recall of their well known Johnson’s Baby Powder. This product has been used for years to keep infants and children comfortable. Johnson & Johnson stated that the reason for the recall was due to the low levels of asbestos found in its powder. In addition, the company announced that its recall was limited to a single lot of its popular baby powder products. The lot was manufactured and shipped to the United States within the past year.

The recall from Johnson & Johnson comes on the heels of a test conducted recently by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This test found that chrysotile asbestos was present in bottles of baby powder that were purchased online. With so many people using the widespread Johnson’s Baby Powder, it is easy to see why the public is concerned.

Details of the Baby Powder Recall issued by Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson announced that anyone who has purchased their baby powder from the lot number 22318RB should discontinue using the product immediately. This lot includes about 33,000 bottles of the popular powder. Those who have bought a bottle from this lot can contact Johnson & Johnson for a refund.

Of note, Johnson & Johnson further stated that the levels of asbestos found in the lot were no greater than 0.00002 percent. The pharmaceutical giant also said that their investigation is still in its early stages. They are trying to discern if the sample came from a container with an intact seal and if the product tested was actually authentic. In the statement, Johnson & Johnson promised a thorough investigation and will cooperate with the FDA as this issue moves forward. Right now, the company is working to confirm the test results.

A History of Testing its Cosmetic Talc

Johnson & Johnson pointed to its long and successful track record of using cosmetic talc in its products. For years, the company has conducted its own testing in addition to that performed by the FDA. The multinational pharmaceutical behemoth pointed out that their baby powder was recently tested just last month and did not find the presence of any asbestos. The product has been on the market for the past 40 years and has never been found to contain asbestos in the past.

On the other hand, Johnson & Johnson is not the only company whose talc has come under fire recently. Talc is a common ingredient used in numerous cosmetic products, including baby powder and blush. The FDA is testing numerous samples of talcum powder, looking for signs of contamination with asbestos. Recently, cosmetic retailers, Claire’s and Justice, were found to have signs of asbestos in some of their products.

The Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

The FDA wants everyone to know that both talc and asbestos are minerals that occur naturally in the environment. The abundant minerals are often located near each other. This is important because asbestos is a confirmed carcinogen, while talcum powder is used in a number of cosmetic products. Because talc and asbestos are commonly located near each other, companies that use talcum powder need to select their mining locations carefully. If talc is mined too close to asbestos, cross-contamination can occur when harvesting this mineral. If cross-contamination occurs with asbestos, individuals exposed are at risk of developing cancer.

Johnson & Johnson wants the public to know that they are using extreme caution by recalling their lot of baby powder. They have promised a thorough investigation. In the meantime, it is a good idea for families that use Johnson’s Baby Powder to find an alternative until the safety of this product can be confirmed.

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