Autumn Driving Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Driving in Autumn

Autumn is the season with a beautiful spectrum of colorful foliage. It is also a time for carving pumpkins, getting lost in corn mazes, and building bonfires. However, this time of the year can create unique dangers on the road due to increased traffic flow and weather conditions transitioning in the fall. Being prepared and adjusting your driving habits is essential for driving safely in the months to come.

Inclement Weather

Rainfall increases during the autumn season. When it is raining, maintain a safe following distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. This can make the difference of having ample time to mitigate or avoid an accident. Inclement weather can cause slippery driving conditions and increase the risk of hydroplaning if sudden stopping is necessary. Use your fog lights or low beams instead of your high beams when driving in foggy conditions. High beams can cause light to reflect off the fog and create a glare that may impair your view of the road ahead.

Morning Frost

Temperatures during autumn tend to decrease drastically at night, which can create frost on the windshield of your vehicle. Clear your windows of frost before driving as it can make it hard to see the road.

Colder temperatures can also mean icy patches on the roadway. Overpasses, bridges, and shaded areas of the road are common sites of these hazards. Motorists should slow down when approaching these areas while traveling in cold weather.

Roadway Foliage

Fallen foliage can present a wide array of road hazards. When it rains, wet leaves can create slippery road conditions and cause your vehicle to lose traction. Leaves may also cover road lines, potholes, bumps, and other dangers on the road. Be sure to reduce your speed when driving in areas covered with foliage.

Traffic Increase

Autumn is back to school time for students. This can mean more pedestrians, school buses, and vehicles on the road. Motorists should be wary of pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the morning and late afternoon when students get out of class to minimize their odds of an accident.

Watch for Animals

Be on the lookout for animals such as deer when driving in rural areas. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, November is considered the peak month for deer breeding. This means an increase in animal collision claims correlated with the presence of deer. The best defense to avoid striking an animal while driving is using common sense and reducing your speeds in locations where deer are prevalent.

Watch YouTube Video: Fall Driving Safety Tips. This video provides some basic tips on how to stay safe whiling driving in the fall season.

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