Auburn Chain-Reaction Crash Causes Injuries

Accident on SR 65 Involved Four Vehicles

 A chain-reaction crash happened in Auburn on March 21 involving four vehicles. The collision happened on southbound State Route 65 just north of Nelson Lane at about 7:48 in the morning. The crash involved a Honda Civic, Toyota Sequoia, Nissan truck and a Tesla, according to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and blocked the number one lane until around 8:30 a.m. Minor injuries were reported. The accident is under investigation by the CHP to discover how it happened and to assign fault.

Collecting Compensation After a Car Accident Injury

In a chain-reaction crash, especially those that occur at high speeds such as on freeways, many people suffer serious injuries. Often, the injured person not only experiences pain and suffering but is also unable to work and faces astronomical medical bills. If another driver’s negligence caused your injuries or something else such as an improperly maintained road was the reason, you may be eligible for compensation.

Hiring an Injury Lawyer to Handle Your Chain-Reaction Crash

When the injured party uses an injury lawyer to file a claim following an accident, they are more likely to receive a much higher settlement. Injury lawyers are usually compensated on a contingency basis. Clients do not have to pay anything until they win. Furthermore, by working with an attorney, the injured person can spend the majority of their time concentrating on recovering from their injuries while their lawyer handles the legal work.

A Chain-Reaction Crash and the Proof of Negligence

When multiple vehicles are involved in an accident, one driver is usually at fault. After all, about 95 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by driver error. The accident and injuries may also have been caused by other drivers who were negligent, which is common in a chain-reaction crash. Financial responsibility can be applied to these motorists also if they were negligent. Negligence can result in a chain-reaction accident for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Tailgating: Driving too close to the vehicle ahead can lead to a serious accident when another driver up front slows suddenly or the vehicle behind is tailgating and a sudden slowdown happens.
  • Distracted driving: While driving, distracted behaviors like changing the radio station, texting or talking on the phone can take the driver’s attention away and lead to a multiple-vehicle accident.
  • Drunk driving: Multiple-vehicle crashes are often caused by drunk drivers, as they have slowed reflexes, exhibit poor judgment, weave in and out of lanes and cannot judge their distance from other vehicles.
  • Speeding: Due to the longer stopping distance and difficulty maintaining control of the vehicle, speeding is one of the leading causes of all types of accidents, including a chain-reaction crash.
  • Fatigued driving: It has been said that fatigue has the same effects as drunk driving. If the driver leaves their lane or falls asleep behind the wheel, they may veer off course.

Once your injury lawyer has determined which driver/drivers were responsible for your accident injuries, a claim can be prepared. The lawyer can use this claim to negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company or to take the case to civil court.

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