Auburn Area Sees Maximum Holiday Enforcement

Maximum Holiday Enforcement for Auburn Area

An estimated 5 million Americans traveled by car during Thanksgiving weekend and so many drivers on the road typically means a higher risk of auto accidents. As a way to handle major traffic spikes over the holiday weekend, Auburn area California Highway Patrol (CHP) instituted a maximum enforcement period. According to officials, the special enforcement operation began on November 21, 2018, and continued until midnight on Sunday, November 25, 2018. During the enforcement period, a dramatically increased number of patrol officers in the Auburn area and across the state were put on duty. CHP indicated that the goal of the enforcement period was to look out for dangerous driving behaviors in hopes of preventing serious or deadly car accidents.

A Serious Issue

According to data from CHP, there was a 61 percent increase in accident fatalities in 2017 during the Thanksgiving weekend from the same time period in 2016. The Department of Motor Vehicles reports that the danger of being involved in a DUI crash during Thanksgiving weekend is dramatically increased and that only New Year sees a higher number of traumatic accidents involving intoxicated drivers. Additionally, the DMV reports that speeding and driving through the night are also major factors that contribute to crash rates over the holiday.

Maximum Enforcement

CHP patrols in Auburn and across the state reported they were on the lookout for any and all unsafe driving behaviors including speeding, driving while distracted, and DUI. CHP stated that the enforcement period was being taken especially seriously after a total of 46 people lost their lives on state-operated roadways during the same period last year.

CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley reported that officers were also on the lookout for drivers who failed to wear a seatbelt. Stanley noted that, while seatbelts should be worn every day, families should “take extra care over the long holiday.”

Surviving a Car Accident

Sadly, even drivers who do everything right can still be involved in a serious crash, and these accidents often leave people with major injuries. These injuries often drastically change the way people live their lives and require a long period of time to recover from. Other injuries leave people with permanent disabilities that may even leave them unable to work. On top of all this, injured people and their families are often left with a serious financial burden and need to pay for expensive medical procedures as well as therapy, medicines, in-home care, and more.

Many people are unsure of how they will be able to afford to recover from their injury. However, car accident survivors are often able to claim payments to cover their losses. This is done through a “personal injury claim.” These claims seek to repay injured individuals for what they’ve lost but vary widely for each specific case. If you’d like to know more about filing a personal injury claim as well as what types of compensation you may be able to obtain, it’s a good idea to contact an Auburn personal injury lawyer who has plenty of experience in their field.

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