Arrest Made in Hit-and-Run Crash in Sacramento

Hit-and-Run Crash in Sacramento Kills Bicyclist at 21st Street Intersection

A man, age 63, was arrested on January 17, the day after he struck a bicycle rider and fled the scene. The rider, a female, age 55, died at a local hospital after being struck the day before at the intersection of 21st Street and X Street at about 7:45 a.m. The Sacramento Police Department reported that the vehicle was spotted on Wednesday around 9:00 a.m. and placed the driver under arrest. 

Driver Faces Serious Charges in Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash in Sacramento

The driver was taken to the main jail in Sacramento and charged with suspicion of manslaughter and felonious hit-and-run. Those with information about the accident are encouraged to call the Sacramento Police Department at (916) 808-5471. They can also report their information by calling (916) 443-HELP, the Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers. The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office will release the name of the deceased bicyclist after they have notified her next of kin.

A Lawyer’s Investigation Into a Hit-and-Run Accident Scene

Lawyers have investigators who collect evidence at scenes of a hit-and-run crash in Sacramento to identify fleeing drivers. Photographs of the scene, interviews with eyewitnesses, or physical evidence like skid marks or broken glass can be used in this process. After collecting physical evidence to determine whether the accident was captured on camera, lawyers will examine video evidence from nearby businesses, traffic cameras, or residences. If the accident appears on video, it can be subpoenaed by the lawyer to use as evidence.

Motor Vehicle Records and Police Reports

There are many details that police reports can reveal about the scene of a hit-and-run crash in Sacramento, including how and when it happened, what type of vehicle was involved, and who may have witnessed it. If a lawyer reviews motor vehicle records, he or she can determine whether any vehicles registered near the accident match the car involved. In addition, a lawyer can request information about any accident claims filed with insurance companies. Policyholders or drivers who caused the incident and fled will be identified this way.

If a loved one is killed in an accident, wrongful death claims can be filed with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Quickly Contacting a Lawyer Is Essential in a Hit-and-Run Crash in Sacramento

To investigate and build a case in a hit-and-run crash in Sacramento, it is essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible. By doing so, all evidence will be collected and can help increase the chances of an injured person or family receiving justice. A qualified attorney handling their case can give grieving families the peace of mind they need by recovering their due compensation.

Expenses Can Be Covered by Insurance

The decedent’s family may still be entitled to compensation if the fleeing driver isn’t found. Under uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, the family may be able to recover damages. The coverage can assist with medical costs, funeral expenses, and other losses.

Presented below is a video from attorney Ed Smith explaining wrongful death claims:

Wrongful Death Attorney in Sacramento

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