Are There Exclusions to California Workers’ Comp Coverage?

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June 25, 2015
Edward Smith

There are many exclusions from workers’ comp coverage in California.  Listed below are many of the exempt categories.

An employer does not need to cover a “casual employee”. A casual employee is not one who is relaxed, but an employee who:

Is doing some incidental work for an employer which is not related to the employer’s regular business.

The work the employer assigned must be completed in less than 10 hours.

Finally, the total charge paid must be less than $100.

If someone, meets all the tests above, he or she is deemed a casual employee not covered by the workers’ comp system.

Another category excluded under some circumstances is Household domestic labor such as a babysitter.

Part-Time Gardeners are not covered if they work for a customer less than 44 hours a month and if there’s a homeowner or occupant’s insurance policy that covers them.

Homeowners or Homeowners relatives doing incidental work around the house are typically excluded.

Most Volunteers are generally excluded from Workers Comp Coverage as are volunteers that work in camp settings.

People who perform charitable services for organizations and receive subsistence benefits only are exempt from coverage.

Voluntary Ski Patrol Members and disaster service workers are generally exempt.

Both the bad guys, Convict Labor, and the purported good guys, Honorary Deputies are exempt.

Additional exemptions are those for most sponsored sports activity, student-athletes, and amateur sports officials.

Independent Contractors defined by what they do and not just by what titles they have been excluded.

There are a few other minor exclusions from the Workers Compensation system in California. If in doubt if you are covered or not, please contact a Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorney.

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