Arden Way Crash Causes Gas Line Rupture and Massive Traffic Jam

Gas Line Rupture in Sacramento Causes Massive Traffic Jam

A gas line rupture following a single-vehicle collision at Arden Way and Heritage Lane resulted in an injury to the driver sometime before 7:20 the morning of January 9 and caused long traffic delays throughout the area. The accident occurred outside Arden Fair Mall when the driver, for unknown reasons, ran into a pipeline that carries natural gas, causing it to rupture. All the Arden Way lanes were shut down to traffic from Ethan Way to Harvard Street as workers with PG&E arrived to contain the gas leak, and clean up was commenced. It was about 8:45 before the gas could be shut off.

One Injury Reported in Gas Line Rupture Accident

According to a report by the Sacramento Fire Department, one individual in the vehicle had to be extricated and was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation and treatment. No word has been released on the condition or identity of that person.

Traffic Affected by the Accident and Gas Line Rupture

Traffic in this busy area of the city was backed up and heavy throughout the morning. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the off-ramp for Arden Way along Highway 80 was shut down around 7:30 a.m. and the closure was expected to be lengthy. Traffic cams that morning showed traffic backed up as far as Marconi Avenue. Along northbound Interstate 80, the line of traffic went beyond P Street almost two hours later.

Single Vehicle Accidents

While most single vehicle accidents occur because of driver error, there are other factors that can lead to a crash. Road defects such as potholes or heaved pavement can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle. Mechanical defects may contribute to a single vehicle crash when important components of a car are involved such as the steering, accelerator, brakes or others. Other drivers may contribute to an accident also if they forces a car off the road or crowds them so the driver has to swerve out of the way. Medical emergencies can also cause a single vehicle accident.

What Happens When a Gas Line Ruptures

Natural gas is safe as long as it is contained inside a pipe. However, when a gas line ruptures, it can cause exposure to natural gas as well as explosions and fires in the area. The gas line rupture can be caused by an old pipe bursting, someone digging around the line and striking it or if the line is hit by a vehicle. The gas leak would not be noticeable if the utility company did not add mercaptan, a chemical that causes it to take on a distinct odor. Most people agree that it takes on the smell of skunk spray or rotten eggs.

If a spark or a flame is used near the gas leak, an explosion is possible. Gas leaks that are not contained quickly can turn into a bomb, exploding and sending fire and shrapnel for long distances, which can cause serious injuries. That is why utility companies such as PG&E will immediately cut off the gas by shutting off the line.

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