Antioch Man Killed in Rollover on Highway 4 Near Somersville Road

Antioch Man Killed in Rollover Collision

A man from Antioch was killed in a rollover collision on Highway 4 on the night of Sunday, March 27, 2022. The crash happened on westbound State Route 4 just east of the exit for Somersville Road and Auto Center Drive, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Details on the Rollover Collision on SR-4 That Killed an Antioch Man

CHP traffic officers responded to a report of a rollover accident involving a Toyota 4Runner SUV in the area. Upon the arrival of authorities, the overturned SUV was located in the far-left lane of State Route 4.

Fire crews attempted to render life-saving measures to the Toyota driver. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries at the scene. Officials have identified the decedent as Benjamin Jaffin, 25, of Antioch. A GoFundMe page has been established on behalf of Mr. Jaffin’s family. Authorities have not yet released more details on the fatal car accident as an investigation into the crash is ongoing.

How is Liability for a Rollover Accident Proven?

In single-vehicle accident cases, it is often presumed that the incident was the result of driver error. However, that does not necessarily prove to be the case in some situations, as there may be other factors involved in the collision. Some of the entities that may be responsible for a fatal rollover collision may include but are not limited to:

  • Automaker: We depend on our cars to get us to point A and point B safely. However, not all automakers follow federal safety guidelines on vehicle design and manufacturing as a way of cutting costs. Such practices may come at the expense of consumers when they are placed in harm’s way because of a vehicle defect. This refers to any mistake in the design, manufacturing, or warning labels that may interfere with the safe use of the car. One of which is particularly notable in rollover collisions is insufficient roof crush resistance. Vehicle manufacturers are expected to meet Federal Vehicle Safety Standard 216 on the structural integrity of vehicle roofs in a rollover accident. When a roof of a car fails to meet this standard and results in an exacerbation of injuries or loss of life, the automaker may be held accountable for damages through an auto products liability claim. Remember that the vehicle must be kept in possession and preserved for an experienced lawyer to examine with their team of experts.
  • Government Entity: A bad road has the potential to cause a traffic collision. Some of the reasons may include insufficient road maintenance leading to crumbling asphalt, potholes, poor road design like insufficient warning signage, and more. The process of bringing a claim against a government entity is not always straightforward and generally requires the assistance of an experienced accident attorney. Claims for road defects are not only brought against a public agency. Other possible defendants may include private companies contracted by the government entity to design, build, maintain, or repair the public roadway. Remember that evidence of a dangerous road condition must be collected and preserved before it is destroyed or lost over time. Conversely, claims against the government are subject to a time limit shorter than the general two-year statute of limitations. Under the California Government Code Section 911.2, a notice of claim must be filed no later than 180 days after the crash with the appropriate public agency.

As you can see, the factors involved in a fatal car accident case are endless. That is why it is best to retain legal counsel to ensure your rights and interests are protected throughout the wrongful death claims process. Learn how to find a top attorney in your area by watching the following video.

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