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Antioch Car Fire Sets Two Homes on Fire


Two Homes Burn in Antioch Car Fire Incident

As we continue to deal with another heatwave, I want to warn you about the dangers of overheating cars. A recent Antioch car fire serves as a cautionary tale.

About the Antioch Car Fire

Recently, a car parked between two homes on Clayburn Court in Antioch caught fire. Both the Contra Costa County Fire Department and the East Contra Costa County Fire Department responded to the fire and were able to extinguish the flames before they caused substantive damage to either home.

Damage to the Homes

Both homes sustained minor smoke damage to one exterior wall. The heat also damaged windows on both homes. The eaves of both homes were also minorly damaged. Fences and landscaping on both properties were more seriously damaged in the fire.

Damage to the Car

The car that caused the fire was completely destroyed in the fire and ensuing operations to extinguish the fire. The entire engine block was fully engulfed in flames for an extended period, melting many of the key components of the vehicle. The fire then spread to the rest of the vehicle, destroying the interior and damaging the frame.

Cause of the Fire

The authorities have not released a cause of the fire. Additionally, authorities did not deem the circumstances of the fire to be suspicious, so they are unlikely to conduct an investigation.

Common Causes of Car Fires

Car fires involving parked vehicles are not uncommon, especially during the summer months. The main factors involved in the fires are hot engines, mechanical problems within the car, electrical problems with the car, overgrown brush near the vehicle, and poor airflow around the engine.

In this case, the fire was likely caused by a hot engine and overgrown brush near the vehicle. With poor airflow between the two house, the engine was likely unable to cool down. It was therefore likely to heat the surrounding plant life until that ignited, in turn igniting the vehicle.

Liability in Car Fires

The owner of the vehicle that catches fire is typically liable in the event of a car fire, unless investigators discovered a manufacturing defect may have played a role.

Liability in the Antioch Car Fire

Without an investigation that identifies any additional responsible parties, the owner of the vehicle that caught fire is liable for the damage to both homes.

How a Car Fire Lawyer Can Help

An experienced Antioch car accident lawyer can help in these situations by hiring experts to examine the vehicle and the circumstances of the accident. This may determine other parties who may be liable for damages sustained in the accident.

Tips for Preventing Car Fires at Home

People can avoid needing a lawyer for a car fire in the first place by following a few key recommendations from CalFire. This includes parking your car in an open area after a long drive before pulling it into an enclosed area like a garage or an alleyway. This allows the engine to cool down.

They also recommend keeping brush near the vehicle trimmed to ensure it cannot touch the vehicle. This includes grass below the vehicle which can easily catch fire.

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