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May 06, 2024
Edward Smith

Walerga Road Intersection Site of Antelope Injury Accident

An Antelope injury accident at a busy local intersection occurred on May 5. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported the collision. It involved a BMW and Toyota that collided shortly before midnight at the intersection of Walerga and Antelope roads. Following the collision, both vehicles were left blocking the number one lane. The CHP traffic accident unit will determine the fault and how the crash happened.

The Dangers of an Intersection Collision

Intersection crashes often lead to severe injuries due to the high speed and force of the colliding vehicles. At intersections, cars move in different directions and at speeds higher than those on residential streets or highways. These factors can lead to collisions with greater momentum and more severe impacts. 

The impact of an Antelope injury accident can severely damage the vehicles and injure the occupants, ranging from minor bruises and cuts to fractures, head injuries, paralysis, or even death. Children in the car, not properly secured by seat belts or in car seats, face even higher risks. Beyond physical injuries, individuals involved in intersection crashes also endure significant emotional distress.

Determining Fault in an Antelope Injury Accident

To determine fault in an intersection crash, lawyers examine the events leading to the accident, including any traffic law violations or negligence by any driver. Since every driver must follow traffic laws, failing to do so can result in liability for damages or injuries caused. Lawyers also assess weather conditions, visibility, speed limits, and witness accounts to build a compelling case for compensation for the victims.

Recovering Damages Following an Antelope Injury Accident

Injuries from a California traffic intersection collision can enable you to seek compensation through legal assistance. A lawyer could help you claim damages for: 

  • Medical bills that arise because of the accident from the cost of the ambulance and hospitalization to surgeries, tests, physicians’ bills and physical therapy. Recovery of expenses for medical bills includes past, present, and future treatments. Future medical costs associated with the injury can be calculated and added to the settlement.
  • Lost income includes wages lost due to the inability to work because of the accident. Bonuses, tips, compensation for lost pension and insurance benefits and others are also included in the wages category. 
  • Diminished earning potential occurs when the injured party has to work at a job that pays less due to their injuries and when they can no longer perform the previous work. In these cases, the difference in salary can be recovered. A permanent disability means the individual can no longer work at all. In these cases, the injured party can recover their wages until they would have reached retirement age.
  • Compensation is recoverable for your physical and emotional pain and suffering. Those who are injured not only suffer physical trauma but can experience anxiety, depression and other emotional symptoms. Professional assistance to cope with those emotional symptoms is recoverable.

Ed Smith, an injury lawyer, advises considering these key factors when selecting a legal representative:


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