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July 12, 2023
Edward Smith

Pedestrian Killed Near Davis in Amtrak Train Crash

On July 11, a pedestrian was killed near Davis in an Amtrak train crash. The accident occurred at about 10:35 a.m. as the train went to Sacramento from San Jose. None of the people in the train crew or passengers were injured. An investigation is underway, including by Amtrak and law enforcement, to determine the cause of the fatality.

No One Riding on the Train Was Injured in the Accident

According to Amtrak, the train was carrying 62 people at the time of the collision, including the crew and passengers. No injuries were reported to those on the train. Alternate travel was arranged for those passengers while an investigation was conducted into the cause of the train crash with the vehicle. 

Accidents Caused by Negligent Railroads

In operating on the tracks, railroads must take care to not cause harm to the general public. They can cause serious accidents if they fail to fulfill this duty, resulting in property damage, injuries, and deaths. Train companies that negligently collide with a vehicle or pedestrian can be held responsible for the resulting damages in several ways:

  • Negligent engineer: An engineer driving the train may be inebriated, distracted or fatigued, which can lead to an Amtrak train crash.
  • Railways should maintain their tracks so they are free of debris or other hazards that could cause an accident.
  • Defective equipment: Couplings, brakes and other equipment must be maintained properly to avoid a malfunction that could cause a train crash.
  • Unsafe safety practices: It is the responsibility of railroads to ensure their employees comply with all safety regulations and practices when operating, such as signaling before crossing roadways.

A Fatal Amtrak Train Crash Can Lead to Wrongful Death Claims

A train crash involving the death of a loved one requires legal representation as soon as possible in order to hold the responsible parties accountable. A personal injury lawyer who handles train accidents can review your case, handle evidence gathering and fight for your rights. Family members may want to consider filing for wrongful death compensation if negligence caused the death.

Those who have lost a loved one in an Amtrak train crash can file a wrongful death claim. Claimants can be the estate administrator or immediate family members. Contact one of our accident attorneys at your convenience for a free consultation if you have any questions. The following compensation is commonly recovered:

  • Income the decedent received from their job is recoverable. This recovery includes any bonuses, tips, pension, insurance benefits and others.
  • The cost of the funeral/burial expenses can be recouped.
  • The spouse may recover compensation for the loss of consortium, care and affection the decedent provided.
  • Children in the family may be compensated for their loss of affection, guidance and nurturing.
  • Compensation for the loss of the decedent’s household assistance may be possible.

Attorney Ed Smith describes the process of obtaining compensation for grieving families in the video below:

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