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Amazon Distribution Center Opening in Elk Grove

Amazon Opening 111,500 Sq. Ft. Elk Grove Distribution Center

Elk Grove will be getting larger later in the year as Amazon, Inc. opens its new distribution center, which was announced just a few days ago. It is expected that hundreds of jobs will be created to work at the 111,500 square-foot building at 9501 Union Park Way. The Irvine developer, Panattoni, purchased the 17-acre property around the end of last year, and it was approved by the Elk Grove Planning Commission.

There is a lot of excitement about the new project, including from Mayor Steve Ly, who called it a real win for the city, especially during these trying times economically. The Elk Grove director for economic development, Darrell Doan, said that Amazon had expressed interest in the area for almost a year when they were looking for a good location for their delivery station. He said no subsidies or incentives were offered in the deal. Doan also realizes that many of the businesses throughout the community are struggling these days and is sympathetic. The Chamber of Commerce CEO and president in Elk Grove, Angela Perry, was excited about the project and thinks it could attract other big businesses.

Increased Traffic Is a Result of Progress

Having a big company move into an area is a great opportunity for new jobs, which can be a boon to local businesses. However, with the increase in vehicles comes an uptick in traffic problems. Amazon ships billions of packages every year, which means thousands of drivers work for the company at their delivery hubs around the country. Most drivers have contracts through third parties or delivery service partners. Amazon handles the drivers, merchandise and routing. The DSP that employs the drivers pays their wages, handles maintenance of the vehicles and provides the health benefits. Other employees are independent contractors.

Amazon Drivers Are Urged to Make Fast Deliveries

The delivery drivers for Amazon are trained by the company, but speed is required, and delivery people are stressed to make those deliveries as quickly as possible. Contractors for Amazon use devices that help track those drivers by monitoring the route, scanning packages and helping them navigate. Some of the drivers admitted that in their haste to make deliveries due to company pressure, they sometimes went above the speed limit or ran a red light. However, Amazon cannot be held responsible for accidents caused by their contract drivers. It is the contractor or independent driver who may be held liable.

How a Lawyer Can Help

To place a claim for compensation following an accident injury, it must be shown that negligence by another person or entity was the cause. In my law office, we use legal resources and investigative techniques to do so. Our investigative team is sent to the accident site right away to uncover the evidence needed to support a client’s claim before it disappears or is covered up. Among some of the areas our investigators look at are the following:

  • Accident reconstruction techniques are used if the accident was caught by a traffic light or business camera.
  • The police report is inspected for mistakes and witness statements are taken.
  • Vehicle maintenance is checked to see if bad tires or brakes contributed to the Amazon truck crash. 
  • Road conditions are checked to see if missing or malfunctioning lights, damaged guardrails, potholes or other conditions caused the Amazon truck crash. If so, a claim can be filed against the government entity in charge. However, because the statute of limitations is much shorter, it’s important to enlist the help of an experienced lawyer who knows how to break through government immunity and will file the paperwork on time.

When the evidence has been gathered, our lawyers use it to construct a strong case for our client and against the at-fault party.

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