Alta Arden Pedestrian Killed

Woman Killed in Pedestrian Accident in Alta Arden

An Alta Arden pedestrian was killed last Wednesday evening when struck by an automobile.

The woman had stepped into the intersection at Alta Arden Expressway and Professional Drive. She was struck by a Volkswagen Jetta driven by a 62-year-old man from Folsom.

The accident is under investigation by the CHP. The driver of the Jetta was heading east on Alta Arden when he struck the woman. The driver stopped immediately after the collision. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Sacramento Bee noted that the CHP said that they were seeing more accidents that involved pedestrians and cyclists as a result of warmer weather.

The Sacramento pedestrian killed marked the second time a week for a fatality involving an auto versus pedestrian accident in the area.

The CHP Officer investigating the scene, Troy Rivers, reminded pedestrians to beware of congested traffic,
even late at night, and to be sure to look for oncoming cars, use crosswalks, go only on a green light and never step out into traffic when it is not permissible.

The CHP did not fault the driver in this accident. However, unwitnessed or single witnessed auto-pedestrian accidents must be carefully investigated to determine the exact nature of the
cause of the accident. Law enforcement officers are often not well trained and have a difficult job in determining fault.

An experienced Auto Accident Lawyer with the help of an accident reconstructionist can often discover the true cause of even complicated accidents.

Police reports may sometimes be mistaken or draw incorrect conclusions from incomplete evidence.

Sometimes a more thorough evaluation of the scene by an accident reconstruction expert can reveal other or different facts that played a role in the crash. The causes of intersection collisions are difficult to understand.  A thorough evaluation can involve an analysis of the accident site, skid marks, gouge marks, burn marks, crumple patterns, and other physical evidence. There is also an analysis of human factors involved, such as observation and reaction time, speed and velocity of moving objects, and evaluation of physical forces.  Although officers do the best job they can, conclusions made at the scene of the accident may be subject to further investigation, study
and review.

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