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Aerial Adventure Course in West Sacramento

Tree Top Sac

There is a new aerial adventure park in West Sacramento that may have slipped under your radar.  It is called Tree Top Sac, and it is an aerial adventure course. Other names for such an attraction are “high ropes course” and “treetop adventure park.”  The course at Tree Top Sac includes a two-hour tour through a heritage oak grove. The tour is self-guided. Visitors will find themselves from three feet to more than 25 feet above the forest floor.  The park is touted as a way for urban citizens to get a literal new perspective on nature. The course also allows visitors to test agility and, perhaps, face their fears, among the beautiful oak trees and natural surroundings.


The concept is based on “parkour,” which is a French word meaning course or route.  The word was adopted by Germans to describe their treetop adventure obstacle courses. At Tree Top Sac, the different obstacles are connected by platforms, which are suspended above the ground.  Tree Top Sac has five separate parkour courses offering varying levels of difficulty. Some of the obstacles are ladders, slacklines, balancing challenges, and hanging bridges. Each course includes an exit via zipline.  

Watch YouTube Video: Tree Top Ropes Course Coming to West Sacramento.  The video below gives viewers an idea of the adventures awaiting at Tree Top Sac.

Owners and Staff

The founders of the new adventure park looked for a suitable location for such a course within the United States for almost three years.  They finally found this beautiful heritage oak grove and are happy to have worked out a partnership with the city of West Sacramento. Two of the founders are co-owners of a treetop adventure park in Austria called Kletterwald Ossiacher See Betriebs KG.  Other founders include owners of a Sacramento architectural firm, and another owns an Austrian firm that specializes in the building and repair of parkour courses and treetop adventure parks. The entire team has a depth of experience in the construction and management of such parks.  Their focus is on safety in the backdrop of appreciation of the environment and natural beauty.  

The park also currently employees four well-trained guides to assist guests on their adventures.  


Some rules to know before you go:

The minimum height for participants of the course is 51,” and guests must be at least 7 years old.  The maximum weight is 250 pounds, and guests will be weighed discreetly to verify at the staff’s discretion.

There are rules regarding the supervision of children within the course.  Kids between 7-13 must have at least one participating adult. Kids between 7-9 must have one adult per two children, while kids 10-13 require one adult per every 5 kids.  A legal guardian may sign a waiver for guests ages 14-17 (“Juniors”) to explore the course independently, but that guardian must be present on-site and observing from the course, or the ground.  

All guests must sign a waiver.  

Guests must wear closed-toe shoes and clothes that are comfortable so as not to restrict movement and are asked to arrive 15 to 20 minutes before their scheduled course time to allow for parking, using the bathroom, etc.  If a scheduled guest is late and misses the time slot, or cancels on the same day, there are no refunds.    

Course Training

Safety Training with a qualified, trained guide will occur before guests can start the course.  After the safety briefing, guests are free to explore and navigate the course on their own. The guides will be accessible on the ground at various parts of the course to assist as needed.  Private guides can be booked in advance via the website or by calling. The safety belay system is top-notch and will keep you safely connected while climbing. Efforts to tackle fears are encouraged.  There are no refunds if a guest decides to stop due to fear.  

Weather Policy

The park is open during rain.  The staff does keep watch for high winds, lightning, or ice, and the course will be closed if it is necessary to protect guests.  

Personal Storage

Currently, the park has limited space for storage, so guests are encouraged to bring minimal personal items.  Before starting the course, the guest will need to empty their pockets of sharp objects such as keys since they could drop to the ground and cause a safety hazard to guests below.  Guests are encouraged to carry a water bottle.


Currently, there are portable restrooms and handwashing facilities, but plans are underway for permanent structures along Lake Washington Boulevard.


Ages 7 to 13: $49.00

Ages 14 to 17: $54.00

18 and over: $59.00

They also offer a West Sacramento local discount with I.D.

Season passes are also available for purchase.


Tree Top Sac is located at Greenbrier Road and Shell Street.

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