Acute Lung Damage with Femur Fractures

Acute Lung Damage with Femur Fractures

Broken bones, such as femur fractures, can lead to a number of different complications. One example is critical lung damage. While some people might think that the bones and the lungs are not related to each other, the body’s organs need to function together to work properly. If one body part is damaged, every other organ will need to compensate for repairing the injury. Unfortunately, lung damage is very common. A recent study showed that the mortality rates for respiratory problems are on the rise. Some of the pertinent statistics include:

  • Between 1980 and 2014, nearly five million people in the United States died due to chronic lung issues.
  • The death rate for respiratory illnesses rose by over 30 percent throughout this study.
  • The vast majority of these deaths were due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • During this time, COPD became the third leading cause of death, ahead of strokes.

Unfortunately, while many people associate lung disease with smoking, there are many other ways that people can suffer lung damage.

Watch YouTube Video: Understanding COPD. The animated video below explains the typical symptoms, causes, and risk factors of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Common Complications of Femur Fractures

The femur is one of the largest bones in the body and makes up the upper leg, commonly called the thigh. Because the femur is so thick, it typically requires a significant amount of force to cause a fracture. Some of the most common reasons why someone might suffer a femur fracture include:

  • Involvement in a severe auto or motorcycle accident
  • A sports injury
  • Physical assault
  • A slip and fall injury or a tumble from a great height

These major accidents can lead to multiple injuries, including a broken leg. Some of the most common complications that might result from a femur fracture include:

  • Displacement of the fracture, requiring surgical repair
  • An infection at the site of the injury, particularly with an open fracture
  • Tremendous blood loss, especially if one or more blood vessels are torn (such as the femoral artery)
  • Nerve damage from bone fragments tearing nearby nerves
  • The development of compartment syndrome
  • Lung damage

While the lungs might not be that close to the femur, significant lung complications can be seen with a broken leg.

Mechanism of Acute Lung Injuries with Femur Fractures

The bones are responsible for giving the body its shape; however, they do so much more than that. Inside every bone is the bone marrow. This marrow is responsible for producing red and white blood cells. Unfortunately, when a bone fracture takes place, the bone marrow might be damaged. This leads to various parts of the marrow traveling throughout the bloodstream. When this happens, blood clots form. One of the most common locations for these clots to form is in the lungs. Small crystals from the bone marrow make their way through the blood vessels of the body and into the lungs, where they can cause some serious damage. In some cases, this lung damage can be life-threatening and result in an ICU stay.

Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney

When a loved one is recovering from a serious injury, the last thing that anyone wants to deal with is a complication. Lung damage resulting from a femur fracture can be life-threatening. It is essential for families to ask for help. After seeking medical care, it is always a good idea to speak with a femur fracture lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the resources that an injury lawyer can provide include:

  • The ability to help families make objective decisions during a stressful time that will set them up for the recovery process.
  • Access to professionals who can help reconstruct what happened at the scene of the accident, ensuring that all of the details are known.
  • Assistance in seeking damages related to the injury, its complications, and any emotional trauma.
  • Help to move a case to trial when required.

No family should ever feel obligated to face this tough situation on their own. It is important to ask for help when it is needed. Meet with a Sacramento femur fracture lawyer today. You might be owed a significant financial settlement.

Femur Fracture Lawyers in Sacramento

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