Accident Peabody Road Vacaville

Accident Peabody Road Vacaville

Peabody Road Wreck Kills Two, Injures One

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Vacaville auto accident attorney. In Vacaville, on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, two people were killed and one was hospitalized in a fiery car accident. The accident happened in the early morning around 12:30 a.m. on Peabody Road in the outskirts of the city.

Officer Response to Peabody Road Wreck

Police officers from both the Fairfield Police Department and Vacaville Police Department showed up to the crash after receiving reports of a severe accident involving two cars. When the officers arrived at the scene of the wreck, they found both cars completely consumed by fire. The only survivor of the incident was the driver and sole occupant of one of the vehicles, who had been able to escape from his wrecked vehicle in time. The driver and passenger of the second vehicle had, for reasons as of yet unknown, not been able to get out of their burning vehicle.

Accident Peabody Road Vacaville – Victim Information

The survivor was reported to have suffered burn injuries, but the exact nature and severity of his injuries, as well as the identity of the man, remain unreported at this time. After being found at the scene of the crash, he was immediately rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital for treatment of his traumatic injuries.

The victims’ identities were, at the time of reporting, still under active investigation by both of the responding police departments. The factors contributing to the accident and the cause of the accident are also being actively investigated. Officers will try to determine if distracted driving or drunk driving was a contributing factor.

Traffic Effects

Peabody Road is a major roadway between Fairfield and Vacaville and, as a result of the collision, had to be closed off for at least ten and a half hours. This caused delays for many commuters and unusual traffic congestion in both cities as commuters rerouted to the freeway.

Call to Action – Peabody Road Wreck

If you think that you may have information regarding the identities of the victims of the crash, you are encouraged to call the Fairfield or Vacaville police departments at (707) 428-6288 and (707) 449-5200, respectively, to aid officers in their investigation.

Urgency for Representation

When somebody close to you is killed in a car accident, you are most likely grieving deeply and even possibly in disbelief at the enormity of your loss. These feelings often make seeking legal representation seem like an overwhelming task. However, those who might be liable to pay for the damages are not taking the same time for emotional recovery. Insurance companies and at-fault parties in cases of wrongful death typically get to work as soon as possible in order to mitigate their responsibility in the eyes of investigators and courts. Because of this, it is critical that persons who may justifiably demand compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one contact a lawyer immediately. The sooner the claimant of a wrongful death has legal representation, the harder it is for liable parties to cover up evidence.

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