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September 25, 2015
Edward Smith

Using 3D Printing to Restore Nerve Damage

My personal injury firm has represented a great many people over the years who have suffered very serious nerve damage as a result of motor vehicle collisions. We are excited to learn that a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, Princeton University, and Johns Hopkins University has figured out how to use 3D printing for nerve growth.

Damaged Nerves

Nerves can be damaged by mechanical injuries caused by auto and motorcycle accidents.  Some nerves are particularly vulnerable, for example, the radial nerve can be injured by fractures of the arm.  Severing the nerve breaks the continuity of the axons and prevents them from transmitting signals to or from the periphery which causes loss of control of movement and loss of sensation to occur in the affected area.  During some injuries nerve cell bodies die but are often able to regenerate and regrow at approximately 1/25 inch per day, taking many weeks to recover.

Using 3D Printing Technologies

In order to grow back to the approximate region of injury, it is important for the separated ends of the nerve to be rejoined.  It is a delicate and fragile process, and even very careful repair is not always able to reconnect individual axons.  Sometimes injuries and resulting nerve damage are so extensive it can’t regenerate.  This is where new technologies in 3D printing may advance one day to restore lost functioning.

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