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17 Reasons I Love Being a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury attorneys have the best job in the world for many many reasons. Please note though that when I say personal injury lawyers, I mean lawyers who represent people who have real injuries. Attorney’s who represent insurance companies are not really by any sense of the word personal injury lawyers. They are insurance lawyers, and they have one of the worst jobs in the world.

1. Injury lawyers always meet new people who start as clients and often become friends.

2. Injury lawyers are still learning more about the law.

3. They get to explore medicine and anatomy in depth.

4. Personal injury attorney’s get to meet people at a difficult time in their lives and to help them transform what looks like a setback into something that may be positive.

5. Personal injury lawyers are always told the funniest lawyer jokes before anyone else.

6. Personal injury lawyers learn on the job “not to take it personally.” They daily face juries and judges that may be biased against them and their clients. They have an opportunity to educate in every case.

7. Personal injury lawyers are typically in on the cutting edge of learning new developments in medicine.

8. Personal injury lawyers become familiar with popular medical devices and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. They have an opportunity to educate others about such dangerous devices and drugs.

8. Personal injury lawyers learn a lot about psychology.

9. Personal injury lawyers learn about risk every day. The nature of their lives leads them to become experts in balancing risk vs. reward for their clients. If they assume too much risk, they stand to lose much since their own money is on the table. On the other hand, they assume reasonable risks, they and their clients are successful more often  than not,

10. Personal injury attorneys get to really know most of their seriously injured client’s. In many cases, it can take years until a case gets to trial. In the meantime, they have a real opportunity to learn about and connect with their client’s and the client’s family.

11. Personal injury lawyers learn to utilize technology to present their client’s case to a jury in a clear, interesting manner.

12. Personal injury attorneys have the opportunity to talk to a great cross-section of the community every day. Jury panels are made up of many constituencies, and a personal injury attorney gets to talk about important issues with them all.

13. Personal injury attorneys learn to think on their feet. Every trial has unexpected twists and turns. It’s a challenge to stay calm.

14.  Personal injury attorneys get to know their colleagues well. They work with other lawyers who are some of the hardest working and compassionate people in the world.

15. Personal injury attorneys learn to use the latest technology to better prepare and present their cases.

16. Personal injury attorneys have an opportunity to test their courage every day. Few other professions give one such a chance for personal growth.

17. Personal injury attorneys have the opportunity to help their clients obtain a fair recovery from insurance companies who frequently treat injured people with scorn and contempt.

I’ll likely have another 17 or more reasons before I wake up in the morning. I’ll write on greater depth shortly.

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