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Yuba City Driver Arrested in Reported Drunk Driving Incident

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February 12, 2023
Edward Smith

Two Drunk Drivers Cause Accidents at South Walton Avenue Intersection

Two drunk driving incidents in Yuba City occurred within hours of each other at the same intersection on February 6. Both took place at the South Walton Avenue intersection with Camino de Flores. The first incident, which occurred at about 2:10 a.m., resulted in the arrest of a 21-year-old whose vehicle hit a tree, killing a passenger and injuring another, according to the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department

Driver Arrested in Passenger Fatality and Injury Accident

The driver of the vehicle suffered moderate injuries. Both passengers were transported to a hospital, where one died and the other was reported to have major injuries. The driver was placed under arrest for suspected DUI and transported to the Sutter County Jail. In addition, he faces other charges, including vehicular manslaughter, because of the accident fatality. Bail was set at $100,000.

Second Accident in Same Location Also Involves Intoxicated Driver

Around 2:16 p.m. that same day, another suspected drunk driver was arrested in an accident at the same location which caused major injuries to two adult pedestrians and a minor. All three pedestrians were transported to Adventist Health/Rideout Hospital in Marysville for additional care. The female driver, a 49-year-old Yuba City resident, was also placed under arrest for suspected DUI and faces additional charges.

Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable for Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Driving drunk is a criminal offense. If a driver causes an accident while under the influence of alcohol, they may be subject to both criminal and civil penalties. This means that the injured person in the accident may seek damages in a personal injury lawsuit against the driver for their negligence.

There are specific laws pertaining to pedestrians who are hurt or killed in an accident involving a drunk driver. These laws provide the injured with the right to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. In some cases, there are also punitive damages available which may be awarded if the driver’s conduct was particularly egregious.

It is important to speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer to discuss legal options. An experienced attorney can help injured parties to understand their rights and assist them in pursuing maximum compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

Drunk drivers must be held liable for the pain and suffering that they cause, and families who have lost a loved one because of an inebriated motorist’s negligence may take action to seek justice from those responsible. With the assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer, those were injured or lost a family member because of a drunk driver can make sure that their rights are protected.

Yuba City Personal Injury Lawyer

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