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Woodland Road Fix-Up

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December 28, 2017
Edward Smith

Woodland Road Fix-Up

Road Work in Woodland

The Woodland City Council was scheduled to meet on Tuesday, December 18, 2017, to vote on approving the proposed 2018 Road Maintenance Project as well as begin the bidding process on the construction.  The council meeting was set to take place at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall.

The proposed construction will repair Woodland roadways in order to reduce the risk of car accidents and, consequently, the risk of serious traumatic injuries.

Construction Estimates

According to the senior associate civil engineer of Woodland, Diana Ayón, the budget for the entire project is 1.075 million dollars and is primarily being funded by money from Measure E as well as $75,000 worth of Water Enterprise Funds meant to assist with conflicts regarding water utilities.

The funding for the project is consistent with the already approved Measure E plan as well as the capital budget.

The city engineer’s estimated price for construction is around $9,000,000. The difference between the estimated cost of construction and the project budget is included in the overall budget to pay for construction management, design, inspection, and emergency costs.

Measure E

Measure E was voted on in 2006 and introduced a ½-cent sales tax increase. The revenue from the tax increase was meant to fund repair and maintenance for roads. When asked what their preferences for city spending were in a poll, voters indicated that roadwork was the second most-desired target of municipal funding.

Ayón indicated to reporters that the reduced sales tax revenue resulting from the Great Recession caused Measure E funded projects to be deferred through the Measure’s 12-year term.

Proposed Project

The proposed project would essentially seal cracked streets as well as perform a myriad of other mostly minor repairs in order to improve and keep Woodland’s streets in better condition.

The idea behind pavement maintenance is to prevent the necessity for larger road repair projects by actively working to maintain and preserve pavement that is already in fair condition and has not yet reached a condition bad enough to necessitate reconstruction.

In order to keep public inconvenience at a minimum, as well as maximize cost efficiency, the work will be performed in several discrete city zones. Bounding the projects this way not only reduces the cost of traffic control and construction but also enhances the effectiveness of inspection and management.

Defective Roadways

When roadways are in a state of disrepair, it can lead to vehicle collisions that, in turn, can cause serious injuries. If a city, state, or private road has a hazardous design flaw, has been poorly maintained, or has not been fixed after a dangerous condition has been identified, the road condition can be considered at fault in the event of a collision.

Examples of road defects that might be considered at-fault in auto accidents include:

  • Obstructed intersections
  • Inadequate shoulders
  • Construction debris
  • Inadequate shoulders
  • Lack of guard rails
  • Overly narrow lanes
  • Poorly designed merging lanes
  • Severe defects in the pavement such as large potholes

For more information on traumatic injuries caused by road defects, visit my website.

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