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Woodland Motorcycle Accidents

Woodland Motorcycle Accidents

Woodland Motorcycle Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Woodland motorcycle accident lawyer. While many find motorcycles to be an exhilarating way of getting from point A to point B, riding one always comes with the risk of being involved in an auto accident and suffering injuries as a consequence.

However, knowing the circumstances under which motorcycle accidents usually occur can help riders to stay safe. The following blog is full of valuable information regarding Woodland motorcycle accidents.

Overview of Accidents

Between the beginning of 2006 and the end of 2016, there were 68 Woodland motorcycle collisions that involved traumatic injuries. Across these collisions, 1 involved a pedestrian, 11 occurred on a highway within Woodland city limits, and 3 involved bicyclists.

Injury motorcycle accidents in Woodland happened at a per-capita rate that was less than half of the per-capita rate for the county as a whole. In Woodland, about one in every 444 people were involved in a traumatic motorcycle accident while the figure for Yolo as a whole is one in every 882.

Additionally, motorcycle accidents in Yolo county occurred on highways nearly three times as often as accidents in Woodland itself.

Crash Severity

The majority of Yolo traumatic motorcycle accidents involved injuries that were visible to responders, but not considered severe. This type of injury was involved in 51 percent of the accidents in question. After this, the most common type of injuries are those indicated by complaints of pain, which accounted for 25 percent.

Accidents that involved severe injury were slightly less common at 19 percent and fatal crashes were the least common, accounting for 4.59 percent with a total of 24 deaths over 22 accidents.

In comparison with the county as a whole, Woodland’s motorcycle accidents were less severe. Woodland’s motorcycle accidents involved complaints of pain more often than other types of injury, accounting for 38 percent of accidents. Visible moderate injuries accounted for 33 percent, severe injuries accounted for 25 percent, and fatal injuries accounted for 3 percent with 2 fatalities over 2 accidents.

Frequent Violations

Traffic laws exist to keep drivers and pedestrians from being hurt and when these laws are violated, the risk of injury auto accidents significantly increases.

The traffic law violation that most often caused traumatic motorcycle collisions in Woodland was speeding, which caused 18 collisions accounting for 26.47 percent of these crashes. Right-of-way violations were almost as common, with 17 collisions making up 25 percent.

After these two, the most common collision violations in order from most common to least common were improper turning at 11.76 percent, DUI and traffic signal violations both at 8.82 percent, and tailgating at almost 3 percent.

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