Woodland Intersection Collision Causes Injuries

Head-On Collision Occurs on SR 16 and Orleans Street

An intersection collision with at least one injury was reported west of Woodland on February 27. The accident happened around 3:51 p.m. between a motorcycle and Kia Sportage at State Route 16 and Orleans Street in Esparto. According to the report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the motorcycle was heading east on SR 16, and the Sportage was going west when they collided head-on. 

Minor Injuries Reported in Intersection Collision

The westbound lanes of the highway were blocked by the crash, and both vehicles had to be towed from the scene. Only minor injuries were reported. The CHP is investigating to determine which driver caused the accident.

Causes of an Intersection Crash

Intersections are where more than half of all traffic accidents occur. This is due to the convergence of traffic from all directions in one location and is complicated by the presence of motorcycle and bicycle riders as well as pedestrians. Negligence is the cause of most of these collisions. Some of the reasons they occur include:

  • Drivers who speed through red lights and stop signs can crash into motorcycles that are legally passing through intersections.
  • A drunk driver hits a motorcyclist because he/she is too inebriated to judge the distance of other vehicles and can’t stay in their own lane. When a driver is intoxicated, they cannot track with their eyes, fail to correctly judge distances and show slowed reflexes, making them a hazard for everyone on the road.
  • Distracted drivers text, talk on their cell phones or perform other activities that take their attention away from the road and surrounding traffic. By removing their eyes from the roadway, they can cause an intersection collision with a motorcyclist.
  • After hitting a motorcycle stopped at the intersection’s red light, the tailgater pushes the rider into the intersection or causes them to be ejected from their bike. This can cause a serious accident because the motorcyclist can then be hit by other vehicles.
  • Turning left at the arrow, the motorist does not check for motorcycles. Left turns in front of a motorcycle rider are the most common causes of negligence resulting in an accident with one.
  • Other vehicles to the left are obstructing a motorist’s vision as he/she makes a risky right turn. Because the driver is busy concentrating on the traffic behind the crosswalk, he/she doesn’t realize that a motorcyclist is coming, which leads to an intersection collision.

Legal Help for Personal Injury Cases

Motorcycle riders often suffer serious injuries in accidents and have to contend with hospitalization, surgeries, a recuperation period and other costs. In the meantime, they have been unable to work and can no longer support themselves with their wages. The lawyer in charge of your case can calculate your financial losses and other compensation, including pain and suffering damages. 

A lawyer also investigates the accident to determine whether the driver was responsible. By doing so, a motorcyclist injured in an accident is able to file a claim to recover the compensation they deserve. An investigation may take place in the following areas:

  • Injured motorcyclists can lose their rights to file a claim if an accident report contains errors, so it is carefully checked by our investigators.
  • The area’s surveillance cameras are examined in order to determine whether the accident was captured on film.
  • Witnesses of the accident are interviewed for statements that corroborate how the intersection collision occurred.
  • Photographs of the accident site are taken during accident reconstruction, which supports the compensation claim.

Woodland Personal Injury Lawyer

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