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Woman Hospitalized after Corning Crash

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September 08, 2017
Edward Smith

Woman Hospitalized after Corning Crash

Woman Seriously Injured in Car Crash 

A woman was sent to a hospital after being in a car accident in Corning, California recently.

What Happened?

A 48-year-old woman, Maria Del Carmen Cuevas from Gerber, California was driving a 2004 Honda Accord north towards South Avenue. She came to a stop at the stop sign for the intersection of South Avenue and Hall Road. A 38-year-old Corning resident, Robert Roy Calvert was driving eastbound on South Avenue in his 2004 Ford Explorer. After stopping at the stop sign, Cuevas pulled out into the intersection right into the path of Calvert who did not have a stop sign for his lane.

The impact sent debris all across the road. Both drivers suffered injuries but Calvert denied medical treatment while at the scene of the accident. Cuevas was severely hurt and trapped inside her Honda Civic because of the damage. It took rescue workers 30 minutes to free Cuevas from the mangled vehicle and tend to her injuries. She was transported to a hospital by ambulance. Traffic was reduced to one lane during the extrication and clean up. The California Highway Patrol has determined that drugs or alcohol were not involved in the collision. If you have any details or information about the incident please contact the Red Bluff Office of the CHP.

We send our hope for a full and speedy recovery for the injured motorist.

Dangerous Intersection

Three years ago a man was killed in a car accident at the very same intersection of South Avenue and Hall Road. Anthony Edward Stangl was driving a Chevrolet Camaro south down Hall Road at around 60 miles an hour when he ran the stop sign at South Avenue. He plowed into the driver side of Alejandro Barrera’s vehicle who was heading east. Barrera was killed instantly and Stangl was reportedly unharmed. Stangl confessed to the California Highway Patrol that he did have alcohol and marijuana in his system. Witnesses of the incident reported to investigators that they saw the Camaro ignore the stop sign and also make no attempts to maneuver and evade Barrera’s vehicle. Police said that Stangl was emotional, crying, and showing signs of shock after the accident occurred. He was later charged with manslaughter and driving under the influence.

It is always important to look both ways multiple times when crossing an intersection. Looking only once can sometimes give you a false idea of the oncoming vehicle’s speed. Looking multiple times can help you better judge if you have enough time and space to cross or merge onto the road. At night it is also hard to judge a motorcycle’s speed because of their single headlight. Stopping, looking and watching can help prevent a dangerous broadside accident.

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