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February 04, 2021
Edward Smith

Florin and Bradshaw Road Site of Fatal Accident

A fatal traffic crash happened in the southeastern part of Sacramento County near Highway 99 on February 1. The CHP reports said a woman was heading west on Florin Road in a Toyota Corolla at 55 mph when she ran a red light at Bradshaw Road. Another motorist, a Sacramento man, age 37, was driving south in a Toyota Tundra on Bradshaw, heading toward Florin. The Corolla was broadsided by the Toyota Tundra. 

Further Details of Traffic Crash

The motorist whom the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said ran the red light and died in the traffic crash has since been identified as Miranda Blair Gramlich, age 32, and a resident of Wilton. According to police, the woman was not wearing a seat restraint when the accident occurred. The authorities said they think alcohol or drugs might have been involved in the accident.

According to bystanders at the collision site, the Tundra had the right of way at the intersection. When the Corolla passed through the intersection without stopping, the Tundra hit the passenger side of the vehicle with its front end.

The Aftermath of the Sacramento Traffic Crash

The impact of the Sacramento traffic crash pushed the Corolla into Bradshaw Road. The Tundra overturned onto its driver’s side before stopping. The driver of the Tundra, a resident of Sacramento, was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. The CHP reported he was cooperative after the traffic crash and appeared to suffer minor injuries. A news release mentioned that he was wearing a seat belt. 

Wearing a Seat Belt Is Important

Seat belts do save lives in a traffic crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that roughly 53 percent of all vehicular occupants who were involved in a traffic crash in 2017 survived because they were wearing a seat belt.

Minor Injuries May Be Misleading at First

Injuries that appear to be minor may change days or even weeks after a traffic crash. That is why an experienced auto accident injury attorney will advise the injured party to wait before accepting a settlement. Initially, the crash can trigger a hyper adrenaline response that keeps the injured party from feeling pain. This changes usually within the first 48 hours. 

Video offered by Attorney Ed Smith, explaining what to do after a traffic crash:


Traffic Crash Injuries to Watch

Certain injuries are prone to becoming symptomatic days after a traffic crash. They are:

  • Cervical sprain: This injury involves the head, neck, and upper thoracic area and is commonly called whiplash. Symptoms often appear up to 48 hours after the trauma. Many people who suffer cervical strain see their symptoms resolve within six months. However, it is possible for them to suffer symptoms for 24 months or more. 
  • Herniated discs: A herniated disk occurs when the soft cushion between the vertebrae leaks out, and the bony structures grate on one another, often trapping spinal nerves. Rest and medical treatment may resolve pain, but in many cases, surgical intervention is needed. 
  • Concussion: Mild concussion is not always apparent immediately after a traffic crash. Headaches and forgetfulness may be obvious but can be written off to the trauma of the event. However, the long-term effects of a concussion can disrupt normal activities.

Investigating a Traffic Collision

Our investigative team is sent to the accident site to look for evidence of liability. To do this, they use accident reconstruction techniques that pinpoint the position of the vehicles during and after the traffic crash. They also talk to witnesses and obtain video footage of the accident if possible. Once this evidence is garnered, they give it to our injury lawyers to construct a strong case for our client.

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