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October 30, 2022
Edward Smith

Hiking Dates for Couples

Dating can sometimes be tricky, and coming up with great date ideas can be even more challenging. If you’re into the outdoors, why not consider a hiking date?

A hiking date is a unique alternative to dinner and a movie. When you want to do something different on a first date, hiking is an excellent way to get quality time together.

8 Reasons Why A Hiking Date Is A Great Idea

Hiking can show that you are active, like to have fun and enjoy being in nature. A hiking date can also be romantic, and nothing is more delightful than being surrounded by the beauty of nature while getting to know your date. Below are eight reasons why hiking is a great first date idea.

1. Hiking Provides a Sense of Adventure

Hiking shows your adventurous side as you explore new things with your date. The scenery and wildlife you come across will be something you discover together. You’re bound to see something new, even if you have been on the trail a hundred times. Take your time to smell the flowers, watch the birds and admire nature.

2. Hiking Promotes Romance and Physical Contact

Hiking allows physical contact with your date. Give a hand crossing a stream or climbing over a log. You may touch a shoulder or an arm while pointing out wildlife along the trail. You can have a romantic picnic by a lake, a waterfall, or a field below a majestic mountain. Even if you don’t stop for a picnic, the beauty of nature can incite romance.

3. Hiking Promotes Communication

Conversation can fall flat on a dinner date leading to awkward silences. On a hiking date, you have the advantage of being on an adventure together. Your hiking experiences naturally encourage conversation as you look around at nature and enjoy its beauty together.

4. It Shows You Care About Being Healthy

You don’t have to be in excellent shape to do a hiking date. However, it will tell your date that you are in modest shape. A hiking date shows your care about your physical health. It is essential to find someone in good health that matches your own. If you fall in love with someone, you want them to be healthy so they can be around for a long time.

5. Hiking Releases Happy Chemicals

Hiking releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. These chemicals make you happy, improve your mood, and elevate your energy. Your companion will feel a positive connection with you and likely remember the date fondly.

6. Hiking Reduces Distractions

Many date ideas, like movies, concerts, and sports events, can distract you from getting to know each other. Hiking promotes conversation and interaction. Hiking dates also reduce distractions on your phone.

7. Hiking Creates Memories

A hiking date is unique and different. You may forget what movie or restaurant you visited, but the hike with the romantic picnic is memorable. A hiking date provides you an opportunity to make a great first impression.

8. Hiking is Cheap

Dating can be expensive. A concert, dinner, movie, or other activity can cost hundreds of dollars and probably doesn’t provide a good opportunity to communicate. Hiking is free or affordable and often costs nothing more than a parking fee and the food and drinks you bring on the trail.

Tips for a Successful Hiking Date 

  • Look ahead to see what the weather is like. You don’t want to go hiking on a hot or rainy day.
  • Don’t start your hike too late in the day. You don’t want to get lost in the dark.
  • Take a short trail that won’t take more than several hours.
  • Hike to a waterfall or to an area with a great view. It can make it more romantic.
  • Bring a picnic. If you don’t plan to take food on the hike, let your date know so they can eat before the hike.
  • Let your date know the trail’s difficulty, so they know what to expect.
  • Let a family member or a friend know who you are with and where you are hiking.

What to Bring On A Hiking Date

Not having the proper gear and essential items can make a horrible date. Be sure you and your date have the appropriate hiking shoes, clothing, and a backpack to carry some important things to keep your hiking date comfortable, fun, and safe.

Consider packing the following items on your hiking date:

  • Water bottles or hydration pack
  • First-aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Snack or picnic
  • Compass
  • Trail map with a backup copy on your phone
  • Jacket in case it gets cold
  • Flashlight in case it gets dark

Watch the YouTube video: The 10 Essentials – Never Hike Without These. The educational video below discusses the ten items you should bring on a hike to stay safe.

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