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What is a PIP Joint Dislocation?

An Overview of a PIP Joint Dislocation

A PIP Joint Dislocation is a common and painful injury that occurs in the hand. In this injury, the middle joint of one of the fingers is dislodged from its typical location. This has the potential to significantly deform the finger, leading to a joint that is no longer able to function properly.

If someone has suffered a PIP Joint Dislocation, this has the potential to cause long-term damage to the ligaments and tendons of the finger and hand. As a result, these injuries need to be treated as quickly as possible. The sooner this dislocation is evaluated, the faster it can be reduced. This may make a significant difference in someone’s long-term prognosis.

How Does a PIP Joint Dislocation Happen?

A PIP Joint Dislocation takes place following direct trauma to the finger or hand. One of the most common mechanisms is in a motor vehicle accident. Someone may strike their hand on the dashboard, steering wheel, or pavement, causing the middle joint of the finger to pop out of place.

These dislocations can also happen during a slip and fall injury. Whether this occurs while playing sports, on a wet floor, or on an icy sidewalk, many people brace their fall using their hands. If the finger makes a direct impact with the ground, this can cause the joint to slip out of place. If this happens, everyone needs to seek medical care as quickly as possible.

What are the Symptoms of a PIP Dislocation?

Those who are involved in a high-impact accident and those who have weak ligaments are more likely to suffer a PIP Joint Dislocation. The most common symptom is pain. Individuals who suffer this injury will be unable to move the injured joint. If they attempt to move it, the pain will get worse.

Soon after the injury, there will be significant swelling and bruising. This will further disfigure the joint and can be visually striking. Some people have also described hearing a popping or snapping noise when the injury takes place. As soon as the injury happens, it is important to seek medical care.

How is This Injury Treated?

When someone arrives at the emergency department or doctor’s office, the physician is going to examine the joint closely. He or she will look for swelling, joint disfigurement, and bruising. He or she may also call a hand specialist to provide more detailed assistance. An X-ray will be ordered to make sure there aren’t any accompanying bone fractures, which can happen with a PIP Joint Dislocation.

Once the dislocation is confirmed, there will be several parts of the treatment process. First, ice will be applied to the affected area. This will help control the swelling. Next, pain medication can be provided. After this, the joint dislocation will be reduced. Typically, this can be done in the emergency department; however, in rare cases, surgery may be needed. The sooner the dislocation is reduced, the better the outcome. Once the dislocation has been reduced, the joint will be immobilized for a few weeks, allowing it to heal.

Relying on a Personal Injury Attorney

A PIP joint dislocation has the potential to lead to long-term complications. These issues may impact someone’s ability to use their hands effectively. This can lead to tremendous medical, logistical, and emotional stress as families figure out how they are going to make ends meet. Fortunately, they do not have to face this alone. A personal injury lawyer in Sacramento can help families review this case. By assessing all of the options available, there might be legal avenues to pursue compensation. Trust in the compassionate experience of a trained legal professional. Nobody has to face this situation alone.

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