Water Hazards in Auto Accidents

Water Hazards in Auto Accidents

Water Hazards in Auto Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento. When people begin driving, there are many different issues that they need to consider. Among these are the weather, which can drastically impact someone’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. Furthermore, failure to maintain control of a car could cause someone to drive into a lake or a stream, with potentially fatal impacts.

Rainy Weather: Driving on Wet Roads

With the recent slate of hurricanes that have passed through our country, it is more important than ever for drivers to make sure that they are using the utmost caution while driving on wet roads. Wet conditions completely change how the car handles on the road and can quickly turn an average day into a disastrous one. With this in mind, there are several important facets of driving in wet conditions that can help everyone avoid auto accidents.

  • Friction: When drivers turn the wheel, the friction between the tires and the road help the car to grip the pavement and pull it in the direction the driver desires. When the streets are wet, the friction between the tires and the road is reduced. This can make cars and, particularly, trucks, prone to slipping, potentially leading to a truck accident.
  • Stopping Time: When the roads are wet, it takes longer for cars to come to a stop. Similar to turning, braking requires friction between the tires and the road as well. When this stopping time is lengthened, this can lead to an accident that includes traumatic injuries, such as bone fractures.
  • Tread Depth: Drivers must always keep an eye on the depth of their tire treads. When people buy new tires, there are significant grooves between the treads that allow water to pass through them. As the tires wear, these treads become more shallow. If the treads wear too much, cars can float on wet surfaces, a phenomenon called hydroplaning. This can lead to a catastrophic personal injury or, even, a wrongful death.

These are only a few of the many important factors that people need to keep in mind when driving in wet conditions. Sometimes, losing control of a vehicle could even lead someone to drive into a river or a lake. This could trap someone inside of a sinking car, potentially drowning the people inside. The water pressure on the outside of a vehicle prevents someone from opening a door. The moment a window is broken, the car fills with water and sinks even quicker.

Moving Forward: Preventing Disaster from Striking

Ultimately, someone who is operating a motor vehicle in wet conditions could end up in a serious accident. When this happens, it is important to meet with an experienced car accident attorney in Sacramento. An attorney can help with issues such as:

  • Accident investigation
  • Completion of paperwork
  • Speaking with health and auto insurance companies
  • Assistance with court

It is understandable for the average person to have trouble with these complex problems. Why not let an attorney take this stress off of the family’s shoulders? This allows loved ones to focus on their medical recovery.

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