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Vehicle Rollover on Westbound 80 in Sacramento

Hit and Run Accident Near Exposition Boulevard

A vehicle rollover that resulted in three people being injured occurred on April 4 along westbound Business 80 near Exposition Boulevard in Sacramento. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that this accident happened around 5:00 p.m. near the connector for Highway 160 and involved a hit-and-run. Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department located the vehicle upside down, close to a business complex parking lot near Tribute Road. 

Additional Information About the Accident

Workers there had heard the occupants of the vehicle calling for help and went there to help. The good Samaritans extracted the occupants from the car and removed them out of the rain into a building nearby. One of the workers confirmed that the driver of the vehicle that ran the overturned car off the highway fled the scene. Three persons suffered minor injuries in the crash and were transported to a hospital for further evaluation. The CHP is conducting an investigation to determine how the accident happened.

Dangers of a Vehicle Rollover

A vehicle rollover can cause some of the most serious injuries, including traumatic head injury, spinal cord damage, and internal trauma. In some cases, the vehicle experiences roof crush, which contributes to the seriousness of the injuries. Because auto manufacturers are held to standards to prevent roof crush, the injured person may be able to place an auto product liability claim for damages.

Options for Locating a Fleeing Driver

Our law office has a good track record of locating hit-and-run drivers because of our investigation and evidence collecting. For example, paint chips or smears can be traced to a certain model and make of vehicle, which increases the chance of finding the driver. However, if the driver cannot be located, we can help the injured person make a claim through uninsured motorist coverage. This optional coverage is offered to all California drivers. If the injured person does not carry uninsured motorist coverage and someone else in the household does, that insurance can be used to cover the injury. It does not raise insurance rates.

Investigation to Support an Accident Claim

To obtain compensation for accident injuries after a vehicle rollover, it must be shown that the other party or entity was at fault. Our investigators go to the accident site to gather the evidence needed. Their investigation includes

performing accident reconstruction. Accident reconstruction shows the positioning of the vehicles before, during and after the crash. This important evidence is often used when negotiating with an insurance company or preparing a court case.

  • Finding video evidence: Local businesses and traffic surveillance cameras are a good source of evidence because many collisions are caught on tape as they happened.
  • Reviewing the police report: Police reports are not always accurate, and it is important for our investigators to check them for errors.
  • Interviewing witnesses: Witnesses to an accident such as the worker in the vehicle rollover crash above can provide compelling evidence of how it occurred and who was responsible. 
  • Checking for road damage: A vehicle that tries to stop before colliding with another car leaves tread marks behind on the pavement. One that does not attempt to stop does not. In addition, evidence of speeding, swerving and driving erratically can be determined.
  • Investigating poor road maintenance: The government entity with jurisdiction over an area is responsible for its road maintenance. This can include traffic lights, obscured signs, potholes and more. When a government entity is at fault for a traffic collision injury, they may be held responsible for damages.

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