Vallejo Official Holiday Accident Warning

Vallejo Official Holiday Accident Warning

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo auto accident attorney. The holidays come with lots of cheer and merriment as well as lots of stress. Drivers who are stressed or otherwise distracted are more likely to be involved in dangerous accidents that result in serious injuries.

Paul Kivela, the president-elect of the group American College of Emergency Physicians, the medical director of the Medic Ambulance of Vallejo, and a local emergency medical practitioner, was interviewed last week on December 15, 2016, regarding public safety hazards that are specific to the holidays.

Kivela’s Advice

Kivela told interviewers that those looking to avoid injury in the chaos of the holiday season should be especially cautious while navigating parking lots, on foot or in a vehicle. Kivela remarked that parking lots tend to become very dangerous because of large numbers of people rushing to make preparations for their celebrations. This, Kivela noted, means a lot of frenzied vehicles and pedestrians congesting parking lots, leading to injuries including punctured lungs and bone fractures.

Parking Lot Statistics

Statistics from the National Safety Council indicate that up to two-thirds of motorists are liable to be driving into shopping center parking lots while distracted. Parking lot accidents account for one in five accidents nationwide. The biggest cause of distraction in parking lots, according to the NSC, is drivers who are paying attention to their cell phones instead of their surroundings.

In order to avoid dangerous driving areas, Kivela recommended shopping earlier in the day when there are fewer people adding to the danger of chaotic parking lots, or even shopping online when possible to avoid parking lots altogether.

Additional Risks

Another spokesperson from the American College of Emergency Physicians, Dr. Ryan Stanton, noted that another big factor of the increased risk of injury in auto accidents during the holiday season is drivers operating their vehicles under the influence alcohol, citing that there is a marked increase in alcohol-related auto accidents during this time of year.

Stanton’s Advice

Dr. Stanton recommends that those leaving the house for their holiday festivities take precautions to avoid being injured in a drunk-driving accident. These precautions include designating a sober driver or taking a cab if you plan on drinking, being well-rested before driving long distances, keeping children buckled up either in normal seats or appropriately-sized car seats, leaving yourself plenty of time to get where you are going so that you don’t need to drive quickly to your destination, and taking along emergency clothing and food in case an accident leaves you out in the cold. Dr. Stanton indicated that AAA even offers rides for free at some of their locations during the holidays to help people ensure safety on the road.

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