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December 06, 2017
Edward Smith


Upcoming DUI Checkpoint in Pittsburg

I’m Ed Smith, a Pittsburg Car Accident Attorney. The traffic unit of Pittsburg’s Police Department is currently organizing a DUI checkpoint. It will occur on Friday, December 8, 2017. It will take place between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. This checkpoint will be at the northbound region of Railroad Avenue, just south of E. Leland Road. For more information, continue reading below.

Efforts to Decrease the Number of Drug-Related Auto Accidents

As time goes on, California has experienced a dramatic increase in the amount of drug-impaired car accidents. The Pittsburg Police Department and the California Office of Traffic Safety are collaboratively working on efforts to increase public awareness that DUI’s are not exclusive to alcohol – all drugs (including those that can be medically prescribed) can lead to a DUI if used irresponsibly.


High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) is a modern approach to traffic safety that promotes deterrence against illegal driving behaviors. In the upcoming Pittsburg checkpoint, authorities are implementing HVE strategies by including both DUI checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols. Research has shown that combining methods to promote traffic safety can reduce the amount of people injured or killed in DUI crashes.

This checkpoint was deliberately placed in a spot that is highly involved in Pittsburg’s collision statistics and DUI arrests. By placing the checkpoint in a location with a high frequency of poor traffic behavior, officials see this effort as the best potential chance to achieve DUI deterrence on a large-scale.

California DUI Statistics

In the year 2014, alcohol was involved in fatal auto accidents with a death toll of over 1,100 people in California. Additionally, in that same year over 24,000 Californians were critically injured due to the amount of people behind the wheel that were not sober.

From 2014 to 2016, Pittsburg police officers opened up almost 150 investigations on DUI car-wrecks. In these three years of DUI fatal crashes, four people were killed and another 54 were severely wounded.

Pittsburg Checkpoint: What to Expect

Officers will be checking for any signs of drug and/or alcohol impairment, and they will also be checking drivers for their drivers license. If possibly, anyone who is suspected of DUI will be evaluated by an officer who is specially trained to identify signs of such behavior.

Anyone who is caught driving under the influence will be arrested and can expect to be subject to jail time, license suspension, fees, fines, DUI classes, and various other expenses that can easily surpass $10,000 in sum.

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