Unite to Beautify Sacramento’s Beloved Parks

Volunteer for 916 Day: Make a Difference in Sacramento’s Parks

The City of Sacramento’s Parks and Community Enrichment Commission invites community members to participate in volunteer events to beautify local parks. These events are part of the annual 916 Day celebration—a special day named after Sacramento’s area code designed to commemorate and appreciate the city’s unique qualities.

Volunteer Events

This year, eight volunteer events are scheduled to occur across multiple parks in Sacramento. These activities are being coordinated by the Parks and Community Enrichment Commission in conjunction with staff from the City’s Department of Youth, Parks & Community Enrichment (YPCE). The aim is to foster volunteerism and establish collaborative relationships among community members to enhance the city’s parks and green spaces.

YPCE Director Jackie Beecham expressed excitement about the significance of 916 Day, highlighting it as an exceptional chance for community members to come together and honor their local parks as vital components of communal life. She emphasized that these parks are recreational spaces and platforms for social engagement, personal development, interaction with nature, and overall well-being.

Parks and Scheduled Dates

Here are the parks where the events will take place, along with their scheduled dates:

Tools and supplies will be provided at each location, although they may be limited. Therefore, volunteers with gloves, pickers, or other equipment are encouraged to bring them along.

If you wish to volunteer, it’s crucial to register in advance via the City’s ActiveNet system. Additionally, the City of Trees has a comprehensive volunteer guide for those interested in exploring other ways to give back to the community.

In an ambitious move, the Parks and Community Enrichment Commission aims to recruit 916 volunteers for these events to embody the spirit of 916 Day, which was initially launched in 2018. The day was conceived as a citywide initiative to cultivate community pride and facilitate healing and unity among Sacramento’s diverse populace.

In the following video, ABC10 reports the 916 volunteer week, kicking off with a tree-planting event in William Land Park.

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