Unconventional Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Happen for Reasons Other than a Negligent Driver

In addition to the more usual causes of motor vehicle accidents, some less common factors can contribute to collisions. Following are some reasons accidents can occur outside a typical traffic collision.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Heavy rain or fog can lead to reduced road visibility for drivers and lead to motor vehicle accidents. This makes it difficult for drivers to gauge distances between vehicles and be aware of what is happening around them. Motorists- should constantly adjust their speed when driving in poor weather conditions and pay extra attention to other cars on the road. Keep in mind that if a driver is traveling at the speed limit but causes your accident injury, they can still be cited for speeding if the weather conditions warrant it.

Road Design and Maintenance

Poorly designed roads or inadequate repairs can cause dangerous situations for drivers due to blind spots, uneven surfaces, potholes and other road defects. The government entity charged with the maintenance of roadways may be liable if poor road conditions cause your injuries. Because the time limit to file against a government entity is only six months, getting help from an accident attorney can be a good idea.

Medical Conditions 

Medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, sleep apnea, and cardiovascular disease can also cause motor vehicle collisions if untreated or unmanaged. Drivers with any form of a medical condition should ensure that they follow their doctor’s orders to avoid an accident. If a driver wasn’t warned that their medication could affect them on the roadway, the physician or pharmacist might be liable for accident injuries.

Distractions Outside of a Driver’s Control

Even if it is not the driver’s fault, distractions outside of a motorist’s control can still contribute to accidents. This could include wildlife crossing the road in front of them, curious bystanders standing too close to the car while stopped at red lights or even strong gusts of wind blowing debris across the street. Drivers should always remain vigilant and aware of what is happening around them while they are driving.

Defective Auto Products

Finally, defective auto products can also cause motor vehicle accidents. For example, airbags that fail to deploy in a crash or brakes that malfunction can lead to serious collisions. It is important for drivers to ensure that their vehicles are regularly serviced and all parts are functioning correctly before getting behind the wheel. When a defective auto product might have caused your accident injury, retaining the vehicle after the accident is important, so it can be examined for defects. An auto product liability claim may be placed against the parts supplier, manufacturer and others to recover compensation.

Ultimately, all drivers should be aware that there are a variety of potential causes for motor vehicle accidents outside of the more common culprits, such as speeding and distracted driving. By paying attention to their surroundings and taking extra precautions when necessary, drivers can reduce the risk of an accident occurring due to less typical circumstances.

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