Uncertified Solar Eclipse Glasses Can Damage Your Eyes


Uncertified Solar Eclipse Glasses Can Damage Your Eyes

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville personal injury lawyer. Many people in Roseville and around the country will be looking up toward the sky August 21 to see the solar eclipse. While this is a fun event for many, some people don’t realize the danger involved in watching even a partial eclipse if the eyes are not protected correctly.

Looking at the Sun Directly Can Irreparably Damage Eyes

According to Live Science, looking directly at the sun can cause a condition called solar retinopathy. Because the retina at the back of the eye contains the cells that sense light and allow humans to see, looking at the sun can damage those cells. Because damage to the retina does not hurt while it’s happening, the victim may not know that they are damaging their vision.

Counterfeit Solar Eclipse Glasses

Those who view the spectacle and are wearing solar eclipse glasses that are certified to protect the eyes by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration won’t have any problem. All the companies certified by NASA have been in the business of making solar eclipse glasses for a long time, along with telescope lenses and other equipment manufactured specifically for looking skyward. However, there are a number of companies selling solar eclipse glasses online that have not been approved, so it is unknown whether using these glasses is safe or not. NASA is referring companies that have not been approved to ICS Laboratories, which performs testing on uncertified solar eclipse glasses to ensure that they perform to the acceptable standards.

Dealing With Glasses That Are Unapproved

In response to the number of uncertified solar eclipse glasses for sale across the country, the American Astronomical Society offers tips on viewing. In addition, the society has posted a list of reputable vendors to help combat fraud and false claims being made by some companies.

Obtaining Compensation Through a Product Liability Lawsuit

Companies that sell defective products that can cause harm can be held liable for the financial damages caused by the injury. However, an injury claim can also extend to the seller and distributor of the product. Under product liability, products that are sold are expected to meet the expectations of the person purchasing the product. In the case of solar eclipse glasses, the purchaser expects the glasses to do exactly what is claimed, protect the viewer’s eyes from the damaging rays of the sun while viewing the eclipse. A personal injury lawyer who has dealt in product liability lawsuits can help by explaining your options in recovering damages for your injury.

Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville personal injury lawyer. An occasion you and your family are looking forward to can be ruined when you’ve been sold a defective product such as fake solar eclipse glasses. If you or another family member has suffered eye damage because you bought a product through a misleading advertisement, give me a call at (916) 921-6400 to hear my free and friendly advice. For those phoning long distance, call (800) 404-5400.

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