Uber Freight May Be a Boon for Truckers and Carriers


Uber Freight May Be a Boon for Truckers and Carriers

I’m Ed Smith, a Fresno truck accident lawyer. Several companies are looking into ways to pair drivers and trucking jobs nationwide. This symbiotic relationship will make it easier for truckers to get jobs and for shipping companies to get the workers they need. Let’s take a look at companies investing in this format and the potential for better freight transport.

Uber Starts the Ball Rolling

Uber, the well-known people transporter, launched Uber Freight in May. This new innovation matches truck companies and truckers, potentially one of the most important elements in successful trucking. Similar to its cab service, Uber Freight uses an app that allows truckers to apply online via a cell phone. According to the app, which works on Android and iOS devices, truckers are able to view how much they will be paid for the trip, and they are guaranteed payment in seven days.

Advantages for Truckers

Uber makes it possible to find and take a job without negotiating the price, normally a big hassle for truckers. When the job is chosen, Uber makes the connection and lets the trucker know if the job is approved by the trucking company. The company also publishes certain accessorial details such as deadhead miles. This is the distance a trucker must travel to pick up a new load after delivering one. If for example, a driver had 200 deadhead miles to travel using a semi truck, he or she would need to pay approximately $100. Independent truckers often have to absorb the cost of deadhead miles. Uber says it will pay for up to 125 miles at a rate of $2 per mile. This is above the industry standard for such pay.

Uber Pays Detention Fee

Detention is the time a trucker’s route is held up at either a pick-up or delivery destination. Usually, a driver has two hours of time that is free at both ends. If a driver is held up too long, they might run out of usable time driving that is considered legal by federal standards. If this happens, the driver may be late for the next pickup and lose the haul. Uber pays $75 detention fee after the first two hours for up to four hours. This helps by compensating a truck driver when he or she is held up.

Who Vets the Drivers

Uber says it will vet the drivers. Drivers must have the following qualifications for driving with Uber Freight.

  • 21 years old
  • Have a commercial driver’s licence
  • Go to and pass a commercial driving school course
  • Be able to pass a physical exam

Uber and Self-Driving Trucks

Uber is also moving into automated truck delivery.  Otto, short for Ottomoto, LLC, is the technology unit behind Uber’s dream of automated trucks. Otto was co-founded by an engineer who worked on Google’s self-driving unit project Waymo, which was bought by Uber in 2016. A court trial banned him from working on Otto due to a breach of confidentiality with Waymo concerning lidar technology.

Amazon Is Looking at the Possibilities

Amazon is also looking into a Uber-like app that will pair truckers and shippers.  Flexport is a way of moving freight without owning the transport vehicles. Amazon is moving large freight that cannot be handled by FedEx or UPS by using planes, sea cargo and trucks owned by others. Unlike Uber, Amazon Flex is still evolving.

Accidents Caused by Self-Driving Trucks

If an individual is in an accident caused by a self-driving truck, liability will go back to the company that designed and operated the vehicle and would come under product liability. However, because a truck is self driving, resulting accident injuries will be the same as those in an accident caused by a normal driver. These can include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage or internal injuries. An experienced injury lawyer can help an accident victim obtain fair compensation to pay for the extended medical care, lost time from work and other expenses that are associated with the accident.

Fresno Truck Accident Lawyer

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