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December 07, 2023
Edward Smith

Fatalities and Injuries Occur in Crash Head-On Along Highway 101

A crash head-on in Humboldt County on November 27 caused two fatalities when one vehicle drifted out of its lane. The accident happened at about 8:25 in the morning as an Irvine resident was driving south along Highway 101 in an Audi carrying four passengers. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the Audi passed into the northbound lane for unknown reasons and collided with a Freightliner tractor-trailer. 

Audi Overturns, Causing Fatalities and Injuries

The Audi hit the semi’s front, which caused the vehicle to overturn onto its roof. One of the Audi passengers died in the crash. Another passenger was taken to a hospital, where she also died. 

Audi Passengers and Driver Hospitalized

The driver and a third passenger were transported to a hospital with major trauma. The fourth passenger, a minor, was also hospitalized with moderate trauma. Two backseat passengers were not using seatbelts at the time of the collision. The semi-driver was uninjured. 

Authorities Seeking Witnesses in Vehicle Crash Head-On

Neither alcohol nor drugs are suspected as a factor in the accident. The investigation into the cause is ongoing by the Humboldt office of the CHP traffic crash unit. The CHP asks that anyone with information about the accident contact them by calling (707) 822-5982. 

Filing a Wrongful Death or Personal Injury Claim

The family of the deceased may be able to file a wrongful death claim when they lose a loved one in an accident caused by another’s negligence in a crash head-on. Those who are injured may file a personal injury claim under the same circumstances and recover compensation. An injury lawyer can help you or the grieving family recover the damages they deserve. 

Recovering Compensation in a Wrongful Death or Personal Injury Claim

Our law firm understands that you face daily difficulties and that families are grieving from their loss. When a loved one passes away, or you are injured in an accident, financial hardship may follow. Recovering compensation can help ease the financial burden. 

Determining Negligence and Insurance Company Negotiations

If a negligent driver or other entity was responsible for the injury or death in a crash head-on, a claim may be placed to recover damages. An injury lawyer can then handle the negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company. If those negotiations are unsuccessful, the evidence can be used to present your case in civil court. However, about 95 percent of all injury accidents are successfully settled through insurance companies.

Gathering Evidence That Supports a Claim

Examining the causes of accidents is important to determine if negligence was present. The investigators examine the accident site and interview witnesses as part of their investigation of the accident.

Reconstruction of the accident, assessment of surveillance videos, and review of the police report are all part of the process. Based on all the information gathered by our investigators, our lawyers build a strong case on behalf of the injured party or family.

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