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Two-Vehicle Injury Accident at Sacramento Intersection

Accident at Walerga Road Intersection Caused by Hit-and-Run Driver

An injury accident occurred in Sacramento recently when two vehicles collided at an intersection. The accident happened along northbound Walerga Road at Elverta Road shortly after 9:00 in the evening. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that it involved a BMW X3 and an older model Ford F250 pickup. 

Driver Flees Injury Accident Scene

The driver of the pickup fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind. According to the injured individual in the BMW that was struck by the pickup, he was of the opinion that the male behind the wheel of the truck had been drinking. The BMW driver was reported to have a head injury as a result of the accident. 

Accident Under Investigation

Tow trucks were called to the scene to remove both vehicles. It was not reported whether the injured man was treated at the scene or transported to a hospital for further attention. The accident is under investigation by the CHP to determine what happened.

When You’ve Been Injured in an Intersection Accident

Because traffic is flowing into an intersection from multiple directions, it explains why 40 percent of all injury accidents happen there. Add to that pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycle riders, and it becomes even more complicated. Even at the low speeds traffic is flowing through an intersection, serious injuries can occur.

It isn’t unusual for those in an intersection accident to seek counsel. This is because even the at-fault party will want a lawyer to try and avoid responsibility and liability. Over the years, I’ve successfully handled cases of this type and would be honored to look over the details of your accident and injury to tell you if you have a case for compensation.

Intersection Accident Investigations

Our investigators are practiced in looking for evidence of fault in an injury accident. This is necessary for an injured client to obtain the compensation that they deserve. Accident investigations include:

  • Documenting the injury accident scene through crash reconstruction. This report includes photos and documentation of the vehicles, the layout of the road, pavement damage, and how the vehicles are positioned.
  • Checking for surveillance cameras that could have captured the injury accident on tape is important because this type of evidence is widely accepted by both insurance companies and in court.
  • The investigators speak to all the witnesses to the injury accident to understand what they saw. Corroborate evidence supports a client’s claim for compensation following an injury accident.
  • Government negligence is involved in some cases. This may be because an injury accident was caused by a pothole, lanes that are too narrow or an obstructed view. The entity charged with maintaining the streets and public areas may be held responsible for those injuries. However, the timeline for filing against a government entity is shorter, so engaging the help of an experienced lawyer soon is important. If papers are filed late or are not done correctly, the case will not be heard. 

Once the evidence has all been obtained, our lawyers use it in building a strong case that benefits our client’s claim for compensation. In many cases, it is worked out with the insurance company. However, if the insurance company will not pay what our client deserves, a lawsuit can be filed in civil court.

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